Sunday, October 30, 2016

GetFitRadio October 24, 2016

Who doesn't have a question or 2 about fitness?

And where do you turn for your answers?

Google isn't always as helpful as we hope.

But Marcus Smith from, Innerfight Gym, seems to get it right more times than most.

Here is a look at what we spoke about this show.

Dubai fitness champinships

Desert Warrior Challenge

-QUESTION is there a balance between aerobic and anaerobic exercise I should strive for?

-QUESTION how much of a workout should be at max heart rate?

-QUESTION if you are feeling winded an hour after a hard cardio workout have you gone too hard?

-QUESTION looking for a good set of back strengthening exercises

-Question how far back should arms be for the best strength building effect of a pushup, the better question might be what are the common pushup mistakes

-love the push up stuff since this is a great bodyweight exercise and it is great to see how many people cannot do bodyweight exercises for long

Question- alignment fixes to prevent exercise injuries, this was a good read!
The two main posture problems that I see in CrossFit athletestoday are:
  • Internally rotated shoulders along with lack of mobility in the thoracic back
  • Misaligned femurs (thigh bones)

QUESTION- thoughts on coffee pre or post exercise

-This looks interesting the SUMO Upright row, like the muscles being worked!

-sitting is the new smoking?

-3 day a week marathon training

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