Saturday, October 22, 2016

GetFitRadio October 17, 2016

Marcus Smith joins GetFitRadio to answer your questions and offer some really useful fitness and wellbeing advice.

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Here is what we spoke about this week.

Things going on:

Dubai Fitness championships

Roy Nasr triathlon

World Cycling championships in Qatar

Abu Dhabi

Assaulted by the bike challenge.

Fitness in under 3 minutes

Beauty and the Barbell


How much meat / chicken or fish should I have per meal.

I am super tired but can't fall to sleep. Why?

Although it was hard at the start I now prefer working out in the morning. Is there any scientific advantage?

Hydration levels. Some day 6 glasses others so 8. How much water do I need and how do I know if I am dehydrated.

-correct ways to squat

#1: You stance is too wide or too narrow!
2: Your knees don’t track over your feet
#3: You don’t squat deep enough
#4: You don’t keep your back straight and core tight
#5: You get up on your toes.

Thoughts on this pre-ru core and upper body workout

Boat Pose a great core exercise

10 rules for successful exercise

5 Safety Precautions for Older Adults before Starting a Fitness Program

But first, there are five important safety precautions you must take note of (as provided byNIH Senior Health). Namely:
  1. Start slow
  2. Have a general checkup and get clearance from your doctor
  3. If you have had a joint, hip or any other replacement, get a doctor’s clearance first
  4. Discuss the fitness program’s level of exertion with your doctor
  5. Stop the exercise when you:

-Defining fitness, this is an interesting read.

-walking or running what is going to help me get and keep in shape better?

-(we get this a lot) optimum rest between workout is?

-(we have had this before) differences for the body with an evening or morning workout?

-exercise and injury I had ankle issues what do you think is a good exercise to keep training

-does drinking coffee impact on workouts

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