Saturday, October 15, 2016

GetFitRadio October 10, 2016

Every week Marcus Smith joins the show and we get to talk about the wild world of fitness.

There are so many questions out there about fitness related things and so few reliable places to get answers.

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Here are the show notes.

Kids class
Ladies class

Turkish getups

Micro and macro nutrients

Are intervals better than continuous running?

5 Safety Precautions for Older Adults before Starting a Fitness Program

But first, there are five important safety precautions you must take note of (as provided byNIH Senior Health). Namely:
  1. Start slow
  2. Have a general checkup and get clearance from your doctor
  3. If you have had a joint, hip or any other replacement, get a doctor’s clearance first
  4. Discuss the fitness program’s level of exertion with your doctor
  5. Stop the exercise when you:

-Defining fitness, this is an interesting read.

-walking or running what is going to help me get and keep in shape better?

-(we get this a lot) optimum rest between workout is?

-(we have had this before) differences for the body with an evening or morning workout?

-exercise and injury I had ankle issues what do you think is a good exercise to keep training

-does drinking coffee impact on workouts

-(had this before) will crossfit bulk up women? What about women and weights?

-are squats bad for the knees?

-is it true running is not really a fitness activity? You need to be fit to run not the other way around

-( had this before)working out will not help you burn fat fat is burned via diet?

-what do you say when people say if you don’t feel like crap after a workout you haven’t worked hard enough

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