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CarTalk October 3, 2016

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The team from is back in the studio at full strength and we are talking cars.

Do you have an opinion about the ride you are driving?

Want to know if the latest VW is a better product than a SEAT?

Then this is the show for you.

Here is a look at what we spoke about last week.

What are you driving?
The RAM!

Challenger/ camaro/mustang ? Which one to go for if looking at 2nd hand option ?

What are your thoughts on the Ford taurus 2013 in terms of performance and general review. Nosa

Ossi asked, Is there a problem in the car market now? People are being let go? Having said that offers are good. I heard BMW AGMC is launching leasing which is great for transient expats in Dubai.

The Trezor picks up where Renault left off with the passion-red 2010 DeZir conceptin terms of swoopy, show-stopping design. Renault says that in the same way the DeZir influenced the styling elements of future products, like the 2012-introduced Clio and 2015 Kadjar, the Trezor will inform the shape of things to come.

Honda has used the Paris Motor Show to throw off its beige cardigan, taking the perfectly practical, sensible Civic Hatch and turning it into the winged creation you see here. Designed to preview the next generation of Civic hot-hatches, the Type-R Prototype appeals to the boy racer living in every petrolhead.

When it premiered in 2012, the production version of the all-electric Renault ZOEoffered a driving range of up to 209 km (130 miles) per charge. Well, things have changed since then. Debuting this week at the Paris Motor Show, the latest version of the car nearly doubles that figure, reportedly topping out at 400 km (249 miles).

Cool interview with designer of the new discovery!

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