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CarTalk October 24, 2016

Here we go with another CARTALK show with the journalists from

No shortage of opinion and bristling information and entertaining banter.

Curious what we set out to speak about?

The show notes.


Focus St or focus titanium?

Sentra sv
Pajero or Explorer

A3 or q50

Duster or Tucson
-Tiguan R

While it looks similar, the vehicle in these photos - captured at the Nürburgring - does look different than the Tiguan R Line that's currently available in Europe. The biggest tell is the quad exhaust tips that look similar to those on the 292-horsepower Volkswagen Golf R. The R Line just has two outlets mounted on the right hand side. Our spy photographer claimed the car was louder than the standard the vehicle.

While this car was badged as an Tiguan R Line, this could simply be a test mule. The Tiguan shares a platform with the Golf R, so transplanting some of the go-fast bits wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Then again, this could simply be a change to the R Line package.

-Infiniti turbo sedan!
-Opal Adam rocks!

-Suzuki swift Dzire


-geely and volvo

-volvo and car to car communication

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