Saturday, October 22, 2016

CarTalk October 17, 2016

It is CarTalk time on Nightline.

Who doesn't have a question about this or that car and who do you ask?

Well, if you are asking is the obvious place to turn!

Funny thing the boys really did not want to talk about Honda and they are Honda owners.

Oct 17

-RAM Truck
-Camaro 50 yrs

-new Nissan! Rogue

Electric vette

-Like the new CR-V The press release says: 'The new CR-V styling heads in a fresh new direction with an aggressive attitude.' Oh really?

-Three car events next Friday - check the page. I just updated it!\Fifth gen of Honda CR-V revealed - America's best-selling SUV of the past 20 years. Familiar looks but all-new body and chassis with first ever Turbo - 1.5-litre 190bhp. 2.4 also available. Longer wheelbase equals larger cabin and more space. Interior goes upmarket and there's lots of new tech and driver assist available.

-new ford edge
Ford’s refined and boldly styled new flagship CUV offers technologies including:

The all-new Ford Edge sets new standards in its class for interior space; features high quality materials throughout the finely crafted interior; and offers comfort and convenience features including heated and cooled front seats and a panoramic roof. (Click to Tweet)

A great loss!

VW Atlas

Alfa Romeo Giulietta - the sexiest hatchback of all - now down from AED120,000 to just AED86,990
Thanks to Gautam Sharma for the pic!

2018 mustang

VW China only electric car!
Volkswagen knows it needs to shift towards EVs. That was the company's big message at the Paris Motor Show this year, and the same thing is happening in China. VW will work with Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) to develop an electric vehicle to take advantage of both rising vehicle sales in China and the impact of the country's stricter greenhouse-gas emissions mandate. Speaking at the Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen China head Jochem Heizmann said the EV will be of the low-cost variety and will be marketed under a new brand name.

VW signed a memorandum of understanding to work with JAC on a vehicle-making joint-venture last month, and is likely to sign an official agreement by the end of the year. VW also has joint-venture agreements with SAIC Motor Corp. and China FAW Group, with plans to produce a separate EV with them as soon as 2020, but the JAC agreement may allow VW to have EVs on China's roads before then.

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