Sunday, October 30, 2016

CarClinic October 25, 2016

A little too often we find ourselves wondering which way to turn with car repair issues.

Who can we speak to to get straight answers?

Glen Power from has come to the rescue answering your repair questions!

Here is a look at what we set out to speak about.

what is new in the garage?

Manual transmission fitted to 2 of today's received vehicles. Very novel!!

Street rod tearing it auxilliary components apart due to no engine mounts and a straight connection to the chassis

Started on the recycling accommodation.

The fuel gauge is not working. It has a new fuel pump and sending unit and this did not help the problem.

-The gas gauge is stuck in the full position. What can I can I do to repair this problem? Is there a fuse or sensor bad.

-tire noise in the car, people are saying it is a balancing issue and tire make issue I am not using what was on the car

-Lets talk brakes!
Pads and life
Disc and drums
Screeching sound

Can I turn off the speed limit warning?

If I lock myself out of the car is there a universal electronic opener in a garage?

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