Saturday, October 15, 2016

CarClinic October 11, 2016

Who doesn't have a car issue now and then?

And where do you turn with a car question before you run to the garage?

Glen Power joins the show from and he is here to answer your car repair questions.

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Here are the show notes.

-Adding under body light is it an issue tapping the electrical system?

can I adjust the parking break myself?

-I notice my transmission fluid is leaking it needs to be filled monthly what should I do and where might the fluid be going?

-The fuel gauge is not working. It has a new fuel pump and sending unit and this did not help the problem.

-The gas gauge is stuck in the full position. What can I can I do to repair this problem? Is there a fuse or sensor bad.

-how often do we need to change spark plugs and are some better than others?

-Torque wrench should I tighten tire lugs to a specific weight?

-how does a CVT transmission work?

Car will not turn over making clicking noise replace alternator starter and battery but still will not start...Car lights are bright radio works but car will not start ..Need help

2008 ram 1500 v6.  Was driving to work felt like I
took foot off gas and battery light flashed on then
off.   Went about 1/2 km truck died.  Crank over
won't start.   Changed fuse  truck starts and runs
but now battery light on and battery drains.   Pulled
Alternator checked fine, put in new battery same

problem.   Help

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