Saturday, September 24, 2016

Is TV Dead Callin Septemberr 22, 2016

We asked the simple question, is TV as we knew it dead?

The notes from the show.

Does anyone watch old school TV anymore?

Was talking to friends about channel 33 and how we would head home fast for the Bold and the Beautiful

Sattelite? Fibre coming into the home?

Bein, Netflix, streaming, Youtube is old school tv dead and the world of alternatives here?

On demand, immediate, what you want?

Does anyone watch tv? Anymore

Kevin has said the amateurish nature of tv services we get turns him off!=

Esther did not grow up with TV so now she watches news… only

-evolution of online

All about content creation and distribution HBO, Nikelodion, History… traditional TV no longer has a strangle hold on content funding or advertising… YouTUBE

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