Friday, September 09, 2016

GetFitRadio September 5, 2016

We all have a bunch of fitness questions and if you are like me you are not sure who to ask them to!

Marcus Smith is in the studio from, Innerfight Gym, and this guy has the answers to your questions!

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And you want to look at the links to the things we spoke about?

Welcome back Marcus!
-what is new since we last spoke 2 months ago?

-new coaches

-your fitness mentor

-Smith Street Paleo is my new addiction the chocolate balls!

-trying the GearFit2, nice I will let you know what I think!

-Inspiration through transformation, this is something we see a lot in gyms, people going from huge to wow, you see it here and do you think it helps others stick to the plan?

-Why a fitness plan is so important, movement, food and rest

-seems people are talking supplements again, in your opinion who needs these?

-getting sore knees after lifting any suggestions short of not lifting or lunging?

-OK these are cool do you think they work?

-power training what is it?

-thoughts on power training and over 50?

-eating for success! What should I be eating , not to lose weight

-been in the gym on the machines, how much should I be lifting or pushing as a rule of thumb?

-tips to get more out of a workout

-tips to burn more calories all day

-thoughts on meal replacements?

Never believe what is in the magazines but what do you make of this on crossfit and the immune system?

How to deal with shoulder pain!

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