Saturday, September 24, 2016

GetFitRadio September 19, 2016

Everyone has fitness questions and this week Marcus Smith joined us from to answer your fitness questions.

Here is the list of subjects we spoke about.

-hell week, surviving
-ben and Mia just in switserland 5th in a tough competiton

-music and workout
-olympics and impact phelps or bolt utimate athelete

  1. Marcus I am getting hand cramps, I know it sounds silly, but are there hand exercises?
  2. Marcus did we talk about shoulder pain? Thoughts?
  3. What about foot pain?
-this is a great article!

4. Thoughts on the only variable that matters! CONSISTENCY!

5. Can you train mental toughtness?

6. commitment trumps motivation!

7. Cool interview I like her training and food!

8. Power plate what the heck , cool!

9. Foam rollers should we all have some?

10. How to sustain weight loss a lot like why to work out

11. What are your goto podcasts?

12. Compression therapy something you are into?

13. I want to do a ½ marathon any tips for training?

14. Your travel fitness tips, what do you do, Phil just did his normal thing… in Bali!

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