Friday, September 09, 2016

CarClinic September 6, 2016

How often do we sit back and wonder what is going on with our ride but have no idea what questions to start asking?

The CarClinic is here to help!

Glenn Power joins me from CarPro to help you get to the bottom of all things mechanical with your car!

Glenn Power
Workshop Manager
P.O BOX 666 Dubai, U.A.E
T: +971 4 3412344 | F: +971 4 3412734
Tel: +971 56 926 9393
E-mail :


Here is what we planned to speak about this week.

-catalytic converters why
-timing belt check
-how to know if water pump is leaking
-car wobbles between 60 and 80KM

-why boots are not cooled

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