Saturday, August 27, 2016

The ME Indie Jukebox August 23, 2016

Here we go with the LAST ME Indie Jukebox show with Adam and Paul from

Nothing sinister here just the simple fact the cultural industry site is going into mothballs and that means we have no new content.

So this show has some of our favourite tunes from the last 5 years!

SO NOT PANIC the Jukebox will live on! New, different and even more local!

The ME Indie Jukebox Podcast Link

The set list!

Shady Ahmed - The Way Out 3:52
El Morabba3 ft El Far3i_Ya Zein
BellyOfParis_Boys 6:50
WeLeftAsSkeletons_Corsair 2:58
Lazy Lung_Sex and Pirates 4:40
RaShRadio - Don't Stop_40833767_soundcloud 2:34
TanjaretDaghet_UnderPressure 5:16
Postcards_Walls 3:54
WantonBishops_Sleep With The Lights On 3:26
WeSpeakInColors_train that's passed 3:58
Safar - Olive Oil Soul 4:43
EYE_Greenflash 6:11

WhoKilledBruceLee_Room For Three 2:52

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