Sunday, August 21, 2016

The ME Indie Jukebox August 17, 2016

Every week Paul and Adam join the show from Triplew.ME and we play music from the best indie recording artists in the Middle East!

The Podcast Link.

Here is the playlist.

ArabsWithSynthesizers_Oqbak_Ft. Khaled Nweiran & Amjad Shahrour 5:38 

Shébani - Ocean On Fire 3:49 

El Morabba3_Ilham 3:47 

JadaL - Malyoun 4:53 

We speak in colors_bye bye gravity 3:14 

Muhaisnah Four_Signal (ft. Veblen Good).4:42 

Rash Radio_Poor Boy 2:43

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