Saturday, August 27, 2016

The CarClinic August 23, 2016

How often are you sitting in your car and it is making an odd sound and you want to ask someone their opinion and you have no idea who to ask? The CarClinic is here!

Glenn Power joins me to answer all your car maintenance questions and some of the things you have not thought to ask!

The CarClinic Podcast Link

Here are the show notes!

  1. -battery issues, self contained vs something that needs maintenance
Battery from the agency, battery from a parts guy, battery from a reseller… so many messages and so many differences in quality
-different battery for different vehicles all are not the same

B. what is the difference between synthetic and non synthetic oil?
-is one better than the other
-change intervals
-just clean the filter or always new?
-use to have a nice cork washer for the drain plug or an aluminum one from the dealer but not here?

C. tires what do we really need?

D. can I do my own ac maintenance I see you can buy the recharge online?

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