Saturday, August 27, 2016

GetFitRadio August 22. 2016

This week Phil and Matt join the show from Innerfight Gym answering your fitness and lifestyle questions.

The GetFitRadio podcast link

Here are the show notes and links!

-anything going on in the gym? Hell week?
-recovery article

-what makes a good workout from your perspective as a fitness professional, ideally what are you working into the mix?

-how early in a workout is it idea to top out my heart rate?

-thoughts on all the drinks being marketed at fitness, really needed or are you fine with water?

-lately I am seeing things like the 28 day ab challenge do you think they really work or am I certain to regret the challenge?

-flexibility, thoughts on improving it, I am in my mid 30’s and noticing I am not as limber as I was!

-what do you think of calling fitness coaches lifestyle mentors?

-is there a best time of the day to workout?

-is breaking my workout into 15 minute bursts 4 times a day going to get me any results?

-tips for getting past the voice inside that says I will do it tomorrow?

-what is your worst gym experience?

-who is your fitness mentor?

-how can I reduce cramping while running?

-you spoke about a foam roller in passing last week, talking about recovery and massage, so why would I use one and should we?

-do you have any tips for getting better at double unders (practice is the key)

-what are you eating this week?

-why getting sleep is so good!

-myths to break free from!

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