Tuesday, August 16, 2016

GetFitRadio August 15, 2016

We start back the fitness Q&A season and 1st up on the show is Phil Hesketh!

How does the show work?

We go to the Innerfight Gym and talk about your issues with fitness.

Please email nightline@dubaieye1038.ae or sms questions to 4001.

Here is the podcast link

Here are the show notes.

Back from the summer

-ruined by burpees, my story
-what are you up to Phil?
-how did you get into the crossfit thing and generally fitness?
-what is your fitness educ?

  1. How to start back into the routine, students, parents, vacationers without setting yourself up to fail because you go too hard too fast

2. Two topics near and dear to your heart and totally liked to the 1st item fixing the nutrition and setting realistic goals!

3. Any tips on how to avoid back pain with sit ups?

4. What is redzone training and who is it good for?  making me better at snatch (& a load of other fitness stuff) ????

5. Do you think we focus too much on fat loss and not enough on fitness and lifestyle?

6. Free weights or weight machine and why?

7. Any tips for flabby arm skin?

8. Should people warm up and stretch before a fitness class?

9. Sometimes people whisper to me that they want to do crossfit but they aren’t in good enough shape to start!

10. After a good workout in the gym what should I expect in terms of fatigue, etc?

11. How often should you train to be in reasonable shape, look good throwing a frisbee on the beach

12. Hydration do we still not get it?

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