Sunday, June 12, 2016

GetFitRadio June 6, 2016

Marcus Smith is in the studio from and it is all about fitness!

This weeks talking points.

What is new at the gym? Most frequently asked question this week.

  1. Anaerobic vs aerobic exercise
Anaerobic means "living without air", as opposed to aerobic which means "living in the presence of air". Anaerobic may refer to: Anaerobic adhesive, a bonding agent that does not cure in the presence of air.

2. How do I chose a program? Les Mills, Crossfit, Zumba…

3. How do I set the appropriate goals? I want to get in shape for the fall running season but how do I get the goals in a logical manageable order?

4. What is your advice on running through a blister or lost toenail?

5. I am a crossfit convert but my movements, lifts and others are jerky and not smooth what is your suggestion to get better control?

6.  Do you think challenges can have a chilling effect on working out?

7. Great 3 step approach to winning at game of life!

8. I am not finding working out fun any more what should I do quit? Change gyms? Get a new program… feeling discouraged.

9. What advice do you have for the graduating class marcus.

10 a dumbell workout for faster fat burning, think it can work? Pretty minimalist!

11. Thoughts on resistance band training

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