Wednesday, June 29, 2016

GetFitRadio June 27, 2016

If you are trying to get fit or stay fit or maybe thinking it is time to think about a bit of exercise then this is the right place to be for the next 45 minutes!

This week Carmen Bosmans joins the show from and it is all about fitness, motivation and your questions!

Click to listen to the podcast.

Here are the show notes.

Cross Fit Regionals thoughts?

What is new in your training?

Thoughts on before and after pictures on Instagram, helpful or…

Advice for staying on track while traveling?

How do I get through a plateau?

What do you think of taking TRX when traveling?

What is the most common question you get from clients?

How often do you reset your goals and reassess those of your clients?

Thoughts on these workout mistakes

What is your diet ?

Do you think we are ab/stomach obsessed? Fitness for vanity

When do you think the best time to work out is?

Does plank really do anything?

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