Thursday, June 23, 2016

GetFitRadio June 20, 2016

Every week I get to sit down with Marcus Smith, the man behind the Innerfight Brand, in his gym and we talk fitness.

The Podcast Link.

The Show Notes!

What is new in the gym?

-strengthening the ham strings! (your podcast)

-life hacks do you think they actually can work?
-What about resistance bands, can they help in a workout?

-plan your fitness on vacation, sounding like a broken record but you want to be prepared!

-gyrotonic exercise! What do you think?

Hmmm another twist on training

Arm workouts rethinking

Good vs bad stiffness

-Can I trust BMI?
-what is the correct situp is it now just a crunch or full up and down
-tips for a good chin up?

-10 reasons not to care hat others think of you!

-kids and fitness are they getting enough fitness at school?

-Where can I train to be a fitness coach/trainer/teacher

-fitness truths nobody will tell you!

-dealing with leg cramps

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