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CarTalk June 6, 2015

Talking about cars is the great unifying topic, we all have a valid opinion! or the journalists from Motoring Middle East join me each week in the studio and we have a good chat about what is new, hot and not so enjoyable in the automotive world.

Here are the talking points.

Paintless Dent Repair will restore your car for less than a brunch
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is here to save us all; the housewife that dings her over-sized SUV, the very proud sports car owner that obviously prefers dent-free, and the general public that wants to maximise on asking price when they come to sell.
PDR is an affordable, while-you-wait service brought to us by British owned and run Automotive Repair Services (ARS). For a fraction of the price of a traditional body shop, the skilled PDR technicians will smooth and massage out all your car’s dents, in front of your very eyes, and all in under one hour!
Magic? It practically is!
Dubai-based Denver Govender and Abu Dhabi-based Shane Thebus are two of (literally), a small handful of PDR experts in the UAE. Using a combination of their 32 specially designed PDR tools, the technicians and approach the dent from the inside and use a series of push and pull massage techniques to gently push it out.  Each dent takes approximately 5 minutes to remove and the average cost of PDR is 450 AED.
Don't just take our word for it:
"I appreciate the friendly and fast service. And of course, how my car looks like new again!" Louie da Costa, radio presenter
“Such a brilliant service, too good not to share!”  Laura Buckwell, news anchor & MC
Here are some thoughts:
Good cars, quick and reliable in the 80 – 110,000 range
Servicing costs not too much
Something a bit sporty/funky looking
A range rover sport supercharged would be ideal if I win the lottery!
Not an old man’s car J

-Not sure about the new civic
-Jeep thing?
-Ford Ecosport is growing on me
-Kia Carnival is looking sweet
-Why are the micra’s, picanta and others looking so cheap?

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