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TechTalk May 17, 2016

Every week on Nightline we spend an hour talking tech.

This week I am joined by Jatin Mava from Nexa as we walk through the wild world of technology.

This week I reviewed the SurfacePro 4.

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The SurfacePro4 review.

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Here are some texts from tonight's TechTalk:

We are listening -Ronald M.

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Ahmed Abu Dhabi
Can u play ps4 on ur laptop? How?

Included in the most recent 3.50 firmware update for PS4, being able to stream your games to a remote PC is a feature to which Microsoft beat Sony to the punch by quite a while. Here’s how it works, or how it’s supposed to: After a simple one-time setup in which you connect your PS4 to the PC on the same network, after that you can use any network to play your PS4 via that PC.

Hello professor!
Hello Jaden!

Speaking of kickstarter, any idea about "Ellum solar light" project?

It's supposed to light up (or hold charge) for 6 months from a single charge under sunlight

Thank you!

What's the purpose of a dual front facing camera?
This means that you can take a selfie and using the depth information captured by the secondary camera, you can then refocus it any object in the image - if you stay awake at night thinking about blurry selfies (it takes all kinds to make the world), then you can rest easy after getting the Vibe S1.Lenovo has included the usual software tricks you'd expect - the software comes with object detector, which means it can cut you out from an image taken in Borivali and place you in front of the Eiffel Tower, a feature budget travellers will really appreciate.
Apple recently bought  a company called LinX that makes very tiny multi-camera modules. They make insane claims like "for SLR image quality without the bulk of an SLR camera", which is nonsense. But they do stitch the multiple images together to create a single image, and that's likely to deliver at least a noise advantage -- over a single one of these cameras. But if they went to a much smaller image sensor per camera, it's unlikely they get a dramatic overall improvement.  I guess we'll wait and see. Apple's iPhone 7 Secret Camera Project Revealed
Another multi-camera project is the Light camera (How This Magical 16-Lens Camera Will Actually Work), which also incorrectly claims they'll deliver DSLR quality in a small camera (small being relative, it's about twice the size of a smartphone). What this actually does is include 16 separate lens/sensor arrays, broken down into five 35mm-equivalent cameras, five 70mm-equivalent cameras, and six 150mm-equivalent cameras. It's using software to merge images from up to ten cameras at once, which implies noise processing, enhanced resolution (they haven't detailed the small sensors yet, other than suggesting they're like smartphone sensors), and the effect of zoom without actually having a zoom lens.

Mircosoft Surface Pro 4
Intel i5
128 GB 4GB ram
Windows 10
i5/i7: 1.73 lbs (786g)

Facial recognition camera unlocks! WOW! Or pin or password!
Fast! Very FAST and can use creative cloud it has the gut for it!

Full-size USB 3.0
microSD Card reader
Headset jack
Mini DisplayPort

And with the 5MP front-facing and 8MP autofocus rear-facing cameras, you can video conference with your colleagues from around the world with confidence.

-type cover is actually really nice and it lights up.
-if you like trackpads awesome but it has USB and bluetooth for the mouse in your drawer

-pen is easy pairing
-one click of top is Onenote
-double click screen shot
-hold click for cortana
-love the camera identification!
-Have been playing with the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S and they are both in the 2 in 1 category but this package is simply more refined and could be a computer replacement.

-the experience starts with the unboxing, way cool delivery

-this is a Surface not a tablet and not a computer but it runs a full windows 10!

I really like the functionality of the SurfacePro4

I own an earlier model and it is a complete all you need computer, my son took it to University!

This latest machine is most likely my next computer! Goodbye macbook pro!

The trackpad is awesome, better than my mac!

The display is awesome!
Surface Pro 4 runs all the desktop software you rely on, while being lighter than ever starting at 1.69 pounds. The 12.3-inch PixelSense display has extremely high contrast and low glare. Go from laptop to tablet with the multi-position Kickstand and keyboard. And jot down notes and ideas with Surface Pen and improved Type Cover. When you need to connect to other devices and accessories, Surface Pro 4 has advanced wireless capabilities and all the ports you need.

Now, let's talk pixels. Even though it really didn't have to, Microsoft went and boosted the Surface Pro's resolution from 2,160 x 1,440 (216 ppi, or pixels per inch) in the old model to 2,736 x 1,824. That makes for a huge 267 ppi put forth by the Surface Pro 4, which blows its main rival, the MacBook Air (128 ppi for the 13-inch), out of the water and narrowly edges out Apple's new, 12.9-inchiPad Pro at 264 ppi.

Surface Pen and Type Cover

To best make use of that extra space, Microsoft has given its Surface Pen and Type Cover accessories some serious upgrades. In addition to the aforementioned 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, the new-and-included Surface Pen is redesigned to feel more like a pencil. The stylus now has one flat side, as if a Number 2 pencil had all but two of its angles rounded off.
The reason for this is two fold. For one, this stylus is even more comfortable to hold than the last as a result – your index finger rests just above the main function button on the flat end. Secondly, this surface (no pun intended) is coated with thin, powerful strip magnets that allow it to cling onto the tablet's left side. The age of stylus loops is over.
-          Surface Pro 4 is available at , Sharaf DG & Emax. The stock is limited.
-          Price :
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet - Intel Core i7, 512GB, 16GB, WiFi, Win 10 Pro + Surface Pro 4 Cover ..
 8,999.00 AED

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet - Intel Core i5, 128GB, 4GB, WiFi, Win 10 Pro + Surface Pro 4 Cover -..
 4,499.00 AED

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet - Intel Core i7, 256GB, 8GB, WiFi, Win 10 Pro + Surface Pro 4 Cover -..
 6,699.00 AED

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet - Intel Core i5, 256GB, 8GB, WiFi, Win 10 Pro + Surface Pro 4 Cover -..
 5,699.00 AED
Everyone is talking apple china and didi
The huge investment will help the ride-sharing service, which operates in 400 cities,build up a platform that handles 11 million rides a day, reports Bloomberg. Other investors in Didi include Alibaba and Tencent, China's biggest Internet companies. Apple CEO Tim Cook has talked about using the company's $200 billion trove of cash for smart investments and this one seems to fit the bill–helping it "forge alliances in its single largest market outside of the United States. " MB

Disney does cool stuff

Offering a future where you can make anything into an internet of things (IoT) device, a team of researchers has cracked a way to connect everyday paper online using cheap and readily-available sensors.
As one of the oldest writing materials, paper has stuck with us in our everyday lives despite the abundance of devices that now surround is at school, work and the home, but now it could be about to become an advanced IoT device with help from Disney.
According to the University of Washington (UW), a team of its researchers, in conjunction with the entertainment powerhouse of Disney and Carnegie Mellon University, has developed a way of taking ‘dumb’ paper and making it a lot smarter using inexpensive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

Instagram changes! Well the logo, does anyone care?

When Instagram was founded, it was a place to easily edit and share photos. Five years later, things have evolved. Instagram is now a diverse community of interests where people are sharing more photos and videos than ever before; using new tools like Boomerang and Layout, and connecting in new ways through Explore.
Last year, a group of us started digging into how we could support this evolution while staying true to Instagram’s heritage and spirit. We wanted to create a look that would represent the community’s full range of expression — past, present, and future.

Whether it’s a #myinstagramlogo art piece or an Instagram cake, we feel lucky to have an icon that people love and want to make their own. Between the round shape with grippy textures, teddy-bear brown, candied lens, and rainbow, there’s a lot to love.
Brands, logos and products develop deep connections and associations with people, so you don’t just want to change them for the sake of novelty. But the Instagram icon and design was beginning to feel, well… not reflective of the community, and we thought we could make it better.

Explain it like i’m an 8 year old NFC brilliant!

Amazon to grab a bit of Youtube space? will let people post videos to its website and earn money from advertising, royalties and other sources, putting the company in more-direct competition with Google's YouTube.
Amazon already offers movies and television programs over the internet -- including its own original productions -- to compete with Netflix. The new product will let Amazon give consumers more options about what to watch without an upfront fee because many of those posting videos will be paid based on how their content performs. Competing streaming services have been driving up the cost of this material.
The company used a similar strategy to boost its inventory of electronic books through Kindle Direct Publishing, which lets authors bypass traditional publishers and reach readers directly by posting and selling their own e-books online.
The e-commerce giant said the service is designed for "professional video producers," but its only requirements are that the videos be high definition and have closed-captioning for the hearing impaired.
Amazon is late in challenging YouTube, which has over 1 billion viewers who help it generate billions of dollars a year in advertising revenue and create internet sensations such as PewDiePie. YouTube is looking to diversify its revenue with a subscription TV offering Unplugged that could debut next year.

I just read this story -
'Which navigation apps do residents prefer?'
I recommend that you read it.
You can find it here:

Security is educations fault!

This is cool!
The Washington Post has experimented with “pop-up” newsletters. Sent to the Post’s existing email subscribers (who don’t opt in), the newsletters are personalized based on readers’ interests and behavior. To promote its recent story about a Naval Academy teacher accused of sexual assault, for example, the Post emailed users who have read similar stories in the past. The Post has used the pop-up newsletters to promote eight stories since January.
The personalization brings another level of relevance to The Washington Post’s newsletters, said Jennifer Amur, the Post’s newsletters and alerts editor. “We’re trying to make sure that the readers who would be really interested in our most compelling pieces of journalism are actually seeing them,” she said.

Google ups the game!

Google introduced a new keyboard for iPhone users that will allow them to perform search queries straight from their keyboard.
Dubbed Gboard, the iOS app already joins a crowded field with others such as Microsoft's Word Flow and SwiftKey. But what makes Google's solution so unique is the ability to seamlessly perform searches within the keyboard itself.
Users who want to send a dancing emoji can simply search "dancer." If someone wants to send a "Game of Thrones" GIF, they can do that, too. But perhaps the most impressive feature is that it allows users to search for addresses, information or images as easily as they do on the open mobile web, something especially important to Google.


Bring the personal back to travel!
Kayak co-founder and former CTO Paul English is launching a travel app called Lola this week, which aims to bring a personal touch back to online travel booking. The app secured $19.7 million in a series A funding round.
As of now, Lola is fairly exclusive, with an invite-only model. Though currently free to invited members, according to the app’s Web site, a paid subscription model is in the works.
The app will utilize a combination of AI and actual travel agents—the service only has 15 agents at the moment but reportedly plans to hire around a hundred. The AI will handle simple informational requests at first, so that the agents can focus on the customer service aspects of the job.
It sounds like the programming team will be developing the AI’s capabilities as they gain larger volume of requests to parse through.
According to one estimate, travel makes up about 8% of the U.S. GDP and about 40% of all ecommerce. eMarketer predicts that this year, 101.0 million American adults will research a trip on a mobile device and 59.3 million U.S. adults will actually book a trip via a mobile device.
That increase in mobile usage has also led to a dramatic decrease in desire to actually speak to people, which is why Lola is a message-based service (which explains the AI aspect of the company).
The name Lola is a shorthand portmanteau of longitude and latitude.

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