Wednesday, May 18, 2016

GetFitRadio May 16, 2016

Every week I have the pleasure of sitting down with Marcus Smith from Innerfight Gym and having a good old chat about fitness.

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What is new in the gym?
2 weeks until crossfit regionals
-million meters done!
-ramadan planning

Correct feet positions are important, what about these 2?

The feet are complex beasts that powerfully support many movements in training and day-to-day life. The plethora of joints, muscles, tendons, and fascia in your feet are engineered to provide two functions for all your athletic movements: stationary support and dynamic spring.
The Turkish getup!
Andrew Read has already described the benefits of the TGU in great detail, but sometimes we need a reminder of why certain things are good for us, especially if they taste a little sharp.Some of the distaste associated with training the TGU may be that it seems too complicated and the investment to learn the exercise outweighs the obvious rewards. The TGU may not be as trendy as dynamic barbell movements, but I can assure you that its benefits are definitely worth your time.
Here is why you should care about the TGU:
  • Shoulder stability and mobility: The TGU is preventative medicine for your upper body. Holding a kettlebell overhead builds stability and mobility for your shoulders. Additionally, heavy TGUs will lead to pleasant surprises in your pressing strength.

  • Thoracic extension and rotation: We do a number of exercises in the horizontal and vertical planes, but not many that call for rotation. The TGU builds rotational strength and patterning that is helpful for athletes.

  • Linking motor patterns: The TGU builds bodily awareness and trains patterns that translate across athletic endeavors. This type of patterning is not available from bilateral exercises alone. Brandon Hetzler describes how the TGU mimics many of our developmental movement patterns such as rolling and crawling. Hetzler and other noted rehabilitation specialists, such as Gray Cook and Brett Jones, use the TGU to rebuild proper movement patterns.
  • Functionality: Getting off the ground is arguably the most functional of exercises.
Why HIIT is good!

Work the butt help the knees

Guard against over eating!

Q-Marcus can we trust the calorie burn estimate on our gym machines?

Q Marcus how do I deal with post workout hunger/binge eating

Q. do we really need rest days

Q. Marcus what are your goto fitness wearables?

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