Friday, May 13, 2016

DocTalk May 10, 2016

This is great.

Two doctors, 45 minutes and a live mic, this is DocTalk.

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Mediclinic DUBAI MALL MEDICAL CENTRE - 04 449 5111.

This week we had some great questions.

Aluminium is used as an anti caking agent in powders also in talc. Not made to be in your body. Anything you put on your skin you take in. Easy to make deoderant water bicarb coconut oil and some essential oil. Buch safer. Your skin is your third kidney it's supposed to sweat. Have a great evening Sue.

[From: Mohammed  Siddiqui] Good evening doctors,  I had been through inguinal hernia surgery in November. I am feeling absolutely fine from last few months. Just wanted to know if there is any exercise that I shouldn't be doing. I love swimming & cycling. Thanks for your advice.

[From: Vijay Raghavan] Can vitamin d deficiency be treated orally or only through injection?

Hi. I need to get a 2nd opinion so looking for a doctor in UAE other than al ain hospital, who does Uterine Fibroid Embolisation, any idea? I dont want hysterectomy but have big & all types of fibroids. Daniella

-Phantom Pain?
-Acne behind ears treatment?
-stop biting nails treatment?

The Podcast link.

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