Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CarTalk May 23, 2016

Who doesn't lover to talk about cars?

Well, Cartalk is the show on DubaiEye where all we do is talk about the cars you love, hate and widh you could drive.

And what makes the show work is the gurus from join us every week to share their insights.

The easy link to the podcast.

The Show Notes.

Hello to Blasius FJ owner!

-Al Tayer has great deals!

-Al Nabooda Automobiles has announced that a range of Volkswagen

models – both new and pre-owned – will be included in the Holy Month

offer, which will see new owners drive away with zero percent interest

for up to five years.

-The Suzuki Swift Sedan, very nice
-Hyundai Creta, nice saw one today
-Not sure about the Micra
-the ford tour!
-pedestrian flypaper! Google is nuts
-new s2000 roadster by Honda for 70th?

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