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TechTalk April 19, 2016

Once a week we sit down with Andrew Thomas and Jatin Mava from and talk about the latest and greatest tech.

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Bodylite app!
BodyLite is the easy way to maintain a healthy weight
BodyLite is a simple weight tracker for iOS and Android phones to help app users track their weight and maintain a healthy BMI.
With obesity becoming a growing problem across the world, people are being urged by their doctors to pay more attention to their weight and control it. Since 1980, worldwide obesity has more than doubled, leading to serious illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.
Users can set their target weight in the app, whether they want to gain weight or loose it, and change their target weight whenever they want to. Whether you’re sporty or not, BodyLite works with you to reach a healthy weight.
“The majority of weight-tracker apps currently available are complex, clumsy and require a lot of constant data input from the user. Not everyone wants to track their step count or spend a lot of time calculating calories; it can be a real headache. This left a huge space in the market for a really simple and easy to use app. BodyLite is here to help users control and maintain a healthy weight,” said Mars Mlodzinski, co-creator of BodyLite.
BodyLite only has three screens – profile, weight and history – and keeps the user experience clutter-free without adverts and additional add-on features.
BodyLite users start by entering their current and target weight, along with their height. The app has the option to enter details using the metric or imperial measuring systems and then automatically works out your BMI. The user then records their weight as regularly (or irregularly) as they want and can see how their weight is fluctuating through simple, easy-to-follow charts.
Motivational quotes pop up to cheer users on and keep the experience positive.
More information about the app can be found here:

Beauty apps like UBER!

Another todo list!
A new application called Sorted launches today to offer a better, faster and more efficient way to manage your tasks via your mobile phone. Yes, it’s another To Do list application. Do we really need such a thing? The answer to that question may be subjective, but a small team of developers in Hong Kong believes there’s room for another app in this space to carve out its own following. They’ve even patented some multi-touch gestures aimed at making working with tasks quicker than before, they said.
For starters, the Sorted application may only have niche appeal. It’s not really designed for the occasional list maker, but rather for someone who regularly has to juggle a number of tasks throughout the day.
The app began as a personal project by Mind Fund Studio’s CTO Leo Tumwattana, who says he struggled with keeping up with tasks and requests that continually change. A follower of the “GTD” (get things done) model, he couldn’t find the right app for his own needs, despite the many options in the App Store

Buy Apps for a cause sort of, a good idea!

Google Goals this is cool and Google is all over it!

Google is getting some new talent from godaddy!
GoDaddy’s chief technology officer — amid a time when the company is expanding its cloud-computing operations — is departing, according to a regulatory filing.
Elissa Murphy will be leaving the company later in May. Her departure comes as GoDaddy hasbegun building out cloud infrastructure, helping it evolve from a simple hosting service to something more robust. These kinds of tools help convince small businesses to stick around with GoDaddy services, rather than just register and host a domain.

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To be sure, executive departures happen — especially as companies grow and go public. But it’s still an interesting time for her to leave given the company’s expansion into cloud services.

There is gold in those phone! Recycling is worth it!

3 years is all your iphone will last!
A recent update to its environmental policy’s QnA section addresses the question of how long an Apple device is expected to remain in use. Your iPhone’s productive life cycle will be up at the three-year mark, as will the Apple Watch; while your OSX and AppleTV devices will get an extra twelve months to reach the four-year mark. To quote Apple:
To model customer use, we measure the power consumed by a product while it is running in a simulated scenario. Daily usage patterns are specific to each product and are a mixture of actual and modeled customer use data. Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for OS X and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices.
GoPro is working it! How to make old cameras better!

Oh Apple is losing some important people!
or just the second time in company history, a member of Apple’s vaunted industrial design team has left for another company. Originally reported by The Information, longtime designer Danny Coster has opted to try and spread some of his design magic at GoPro. Coster is set to begin his new career at GoPro in in just two weeks whereupon he will become the company’s Vice President of Design.
An Apple veteran since the early 90s, Coster has hundreds of patents to his name. In turn, he played an instrumental role in designing the look and feel of a number of Apple’s more iconic and successful products, including the original Bondi Blue iMac and the iPhone. And speaking to the cachet that comes along with being an Apple designer, shares of GoPro spiked nearly 20% when news of Coster’s hire was made public.

Microsoft makes an iPhone even better!
Microsoft is bringing its excellent Windows Phone keyboard to the iPhone. The software giant first revealed its plans to bring Word Flow to iOS back in January, but a new sign up page has revealed that beta testers will be able to access the keyboard soon. Just like the Windows Phone keyboard, the iOS version will let you tap or swipe to type out words, and intelligently predict words for sentences.
While the Windows Phone version is baked into Microsoft's OS, the company is bringing two new features to the iPhone equivalent. You'll be able to customize keyboard backgrounds with your own image, and there's even a one-handed mode. The one-handed addition is the most interesting change, allowing you to swipe and tap out words by moving the keyboard to the side in an arc shape.

The European Parliament has approved a new set of data protection rules that will aim to give citizens back control of their personal data.
Approved today in Brussels, the new rules will also set out to create a high, uniform level of data protection as well as setting minimum standards on the use of data for policing and judicial purposes.
Parliament’s approval – the result of more than four years of work to overhaul the EU’s data protection rules – will replace the current data protection directive established in 1995, when the Internet was still in its infancy.
Jan Philipp Albrecht, who steered the legislation through Parliament, said in a statement: “The general data protection regulation makes a high, uniform level of data protection throughout the EU a reality. This is a great success for the European Parliament and a fierce European ‘yes’ to strong consumer rights and competition in the digital age.
“Citizens will be able to decide for themselves which personal information they want to share,” he concluded. has received an undisclosed investment from Breyer Capital, led by venture capitalist and early Facebook investor Jim Breyer.
The news comes after the marketplace for international student accommodation announced the closure of a $60m round in February.
Shakil Khan, co-founder and head of strategy at, said: “Given Jim’s experience in technology and education, his investment and expertise in both fields is of unique value to
“Jim has an extraordinary legacy of success with companies like Facebook, but he also has a truly unparalleled passion for education. It’s fantastic that he’s joining our journey to help millions of students have the best possible study abroad experience,” added Khan.
Breyer, considered to be one of the world’s most influential venture capitalists, has invested in more than 30 internet, media and technology companies that have completed exits or public mergers.
Breyer commented on his decision to invest in the company: “Studying abroad was a hallmark of my undergraduate experience and set me on a path of lifetime learning. By helping students across the globe to find their perfect home abroad, is able to solve one of the biggest challenges for international students.

Nice little change to Google Drive!

Need one of these!

This is a cool mirror! And fitness tracker!
They say the scale doesn’t lie, but maybe it’s not telling the whole truth — like how your new daily pushup routine is sculpting your arms. That’s the idea behind Naked Labs’ Naked 3D Fitness Tracker, a mirror that actually scans your whole body to give you better idea of how those hours on the treadmill are working.
The system is composed of two pieces: a mirror and a scale. The Internet-connected mirror plugs into the wall, while the scale wirelessly charges. You stand on the scale, and it slowly rotates to get a scan of you — front, back, and sides. The accompanying iPhone or Android app shows you the 3D images in all their realistic glory. It collects the data and over time can show you that you’re building up your biceps but slacking on your shoulders, for example. The scale will sync with six different devices, so you and your family or roommates can all use it.

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