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TechTalk April 12, 2016

If you are looking to realise your inner geek or simply keep up to date with what is important in the tech world for you then you are at the right place!

Techtalk with Andrew Thomas from


And here are the notes and links!

About  Mini    Exchange:    


The  revolutionary    platform    is    the    brainchild    of    Sarah    Jones    who    saw    a    gap    in    the    market    and    left    a    successful    career     in  finance    to    start    the    business.    Previously    she    had    spent    four    years    at    Deloitte    in    Mergers    &    Acquisitions    advisory,     firstly     in     London     and     then     in     Dubai.     After     two     years     in     the     Gulf     Sarah     left     the     finance     world,     recognising     the   potential  of    the    early-­‐stage    e-­‐commerce    market    and    the    Mini    Exchange    business    model.    
Sarah  and    Mini    Exchange    have    been    recipients    of    many    awards    in    the    last    18    months,    including:    ArabNet’s    Start-­‐Up     Demo  Award,    the    prestigious    PITME    Labs    Middle    East    Impact    &    Ingenuity    Award,    a    listing    in    Arabian    Business’s    50     Most   Influential   Brits   in   the   UAE,   Small   Business   CEO   of   the   Year   Award   in   the   Middle   East   CEO   Awards   and   most   recently winner      of      the Enterprise Agility E-­‐Commerce    award      at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Mini   Exchange    was    also    selected    to    represent    the    GCC    for    the    10th    edition    of    the    US-­‐hosted      Blackbox    Connect   programme  in    Silicon    Valley,    which    is    powered    by    Google    for    Entrepreneurs.    
Mini  Exchange    has    shown    unprecedented    growth    in    the    18    months    since    launch.    Having    started    with    less    than    500     items    on    the    site,    visitors    can    now    expect    to    find    around    30,000    items    listed    on,     with    those   numbers     expected     to     rise     every     month.     Successfully     partnering     with     more     than     250     international      brands     and   retailers,   and  with     many   more   in   the   pipeline,   Mini   Exchange   strives   to   become   the   region’s     number   one   online   destination    for    buying    and    selling    everything    mums    and    kids.    
Mini  Exchange    has    won    the    following    awards    to    date:    

The  E-­‐Commerce    Enterprise    Agility    Award    at    the    Entrepreneur    Middle    East    Awards    
Winner  of    ArabNet's    Startup    Demo    Competition    
PITME    Labs    Middle    East    Impact    &    Ingenuity    Award    
Listed  as    one    of    the    UAE's    Top    14    Start-­‐Ups    at    Seedstars    World    
Red    Herring    100    Asia    Winner    2014    

Sarah  Jones    has    won    the    following    awards    to    date:    


Small  Business    CEO    of    the    Year    at    the    CEO    Middle    East    Awards    
Listing    in    Arabian    Business’    UAE    Brit    List    2014    
Woman  Leadership    Award    at    the    Asian    Leadership    Awards    


Very cool app for neat geeky stuff

Facebook messenger update, cool features but is anyone using it?

Insane headphones on kickstarter

Loving the Apple and Cookie Monster this is also great a behind the scenes sort of

OK this is cool!

This is a cool read about google!

China and wechat! Actually an interesting article!

Some SnapChat features blocked!

The new age of ransomeware
You look, of course. But it’s not a Snapchat from your sister. It’s an alert to “check out today’s brain builder” from Vroom, an app developed with the backing of the Bezos Family Foundation. And it turns out to be exactly what you need to turn your harried everyday routine into a teachable moment.
“Magic Ride,” says the header, followed by a suggestion.
“Today, while waiting for a bus or walking to the car, ask Amanda where she would like to go if this vehicle could go anywhere. Talk about why she would want to go there, who you’ll see on the way, or how long she thinks it will take.”
Vroom, which is specifically for parents of kids from birth through age 5 and is customizable for name, gender and age, is available in both English and Spanish versions for Android and Apple devices, as well as Amazon Fire. It has been downloaded more than 50,000 times in nearly 140 countries since it went live 18 months ago. The preponderance of reviews give it the maximum five stars, with comment headings generally along the lines of “Awesome Tool.”

Facebook’s doing, with a new update announced for Facebook Live that adds in a whole range of new features – including, importantly, a new video discovery tab to boost the reach of Live content.
Here’s what they’ve announced:


First off, Facebook’s giving users the ability to use Live in Groups and events Pages. As noted in the announcement:
“Live in Groups allows you to broadcast to just the people in the Facebook Group – so you can go live in your family group, or share a workout plan in a fitness group. Live in Events means you can go live from a birthday party to allow those that can’t make it to join the fun, and a performer can go live backstage to the people who’ve RSVP-ed to the event to give them a sneak peak.”
It’s an interesting addition that'll provide another way for people to use Live in a contained setting. The option for people to use Live in groups could be particularly helpful for business communities looking to host Q and A sessions and the like, while event organizers will be able to use the tool as an incentive for fans to sign-up via Facebook by offering exclusive, behind the scenes access. The advantage of this would be that organizers would then be able to target those who've signed up for future outreach campaigns.

Hmmm is this for real? Bet this will sell!

This is a good commentary on apps!

Check out this machine!

Are we too dependent on algorithms?

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