Saturday, April 23, 2016

GetFitRadio April 18, 2016

It is always a good day when Marcus Smith from, innerfight gym, joins me to talk fitness.


Here are the show notes.

What people are talking about on the gym floor?
-Friday 3 world records set on rowing!
-2013 CrossFit world games
-Cameron Nichol Olympic rower
-CrossFit yas abu dhabi here

Cycle in France Update?
Windy mountain, alps, 700km!

Lessons from the desert update?

-Marcus, how often do you think we need to change our training routine to avoid plateaus?
-Marcus, my husband and I are arguing about what is better morning or night workouts, you are the tie breaker!
-Marcus, any thoughts on hot yoga?

-protein shakes what do I need to look for?
-we hear a lot about drugs in sport, how do you persuade people on doing the right thing?
-free weights vs a machine, any thoughts on what is better?
-Marcus, if you were to talk about an ideal fit resting heart rate what would you be looking at?
-Marcus what are the essential items we all need to bring to the gym? I see a lot of people with no water bottle!
-Marcus do you think people need to be more realistic with their health goals?
-keys to motivation!
-can you walk us through the benefits of High Intensity Interval training.
-what is the best training workouts for those young aspiring football and rugby kids? Don’t you work with rugby kids?
-what type of exercise burns the most fat?
-coffee before a workout?
-plank what is it good for?

I'm one of those people whose belly grows and nothing else. What can I do to control stomach growth? What can I eat to put more meat on me in different parts of the body? Ps. Love carbs, pps. Too indisciplined to work out alone
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