Saturday, April 16, 2016

GetFitRadio April 11, 2016

When Marcus Smith is on the air you know that you are getting set to be jolted into thinking fitness!


What is new?
Next phase of CF Open?
Girls and Phil qualified!
Going to Spain

-climbed the burj khalifa!
Talk about that and had worldwide following
How did it go?


-intermittent fasting is it good and what is it

-lemon and hot water carmen diaz

-best way to gain weight?

-top instagram accounts for motivation?  I like blogs.

  1. Just start moving it is not just about weight loss it is vital for a healthy brain!

2. Thoughts on post workout pain and delay pain onset?

3. Why meal planning is so important, I know we have spoken about this BUT it is worth repeating!

4. Pushup progressions, I like this idea to avoid getting hurt at the start!

5. Mindset that is the innerfight ideology!

6. I never hear about hip strengthening exercises!

7. Why dieting does not work!

8. How we make running harder!

9. 7 ways to break a weight loss platueau
10.when is a workout too tough?

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