Sunday, March 13, 2016

GetFitRadio March 7, 2016

Ever just hang out in a gym with a guy who is just too fit? This is the result.

Marcus and Holly from join me to set the fitness world on its head.

The Podcast Link.

Here are the show notes.

Holly on Supermarkets!

Week 2 of the open, pretty good!

Crossfit Open!

Let’s talk squats!
beware knees,hips and lower back!

The concept of give me 5 minutes

fruit? as a snack food what about the sugars

rice crackers

protein bread?

Q? Keeping a log why does it work?

Q? thoughts on how to sleep better I hear you talk about it a lot!

Q? Tips to weight loss i listened to the show where you spoke about your body fat and that is an inspiration in itself!

Q how good are nuts as a snack and what amount are we talking?

Let’s talk these 5 workout excuses it is MARCH!

Q thoughts on building my chest? (think this is a guy)

-Get beach ready it is time!

-workout smarter not longer!

-Kettle Bell’s Swings and back rehab!

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