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GetFitRadio February 29, 2016

The man with a fitness plan is in the gym studio for GetFitRadio!

When Marcus from joins the show you know there is going to be some fun.

Here are the show notes!

Marcus Smith and Holly of SmithStreet Paleo (Holly’s Paleo Kitchen)
Holly and coconut oil!

Talk about the Oman Run

Talk about the Crossfit Games (how is it scored?)

Workout 16.1

20-min. AMRAP:
25-ft. overhead lunge
8 burpees
25-ft. overhead lunge
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
M 95 lb.    W 65 lb.
Workout 16.1 score submissions are still open.
-vegetarian want to gain muscle any ideas

-rice crackers are they a good snack

-14 year old body weight exercise is what I do can I do weights

-Thoughts on flat ab exercises and the core value of ad workouts

-Get beach ready it is time!

-workout smarter not longer!

-Kettle Bell’s Swings and back rehab!

Low back pain and problems exist in a variety of forms, and diagnosis is critical to knowing what the best exercise is to create the best outcome. After diagnosis, there is still a skill in knowing what to prescribe and why to prescribe it.
After establishing that there is no “best” universal exercise to prescribe for a lower back problem in my last article, I’ve received a lot of questions about kettlebell swings and their use in low back rehab. This article will examine the swing in detail, and why I find it highly effective in rehabilitating the lower back – but only for the right athlete, and at the right time.

-Training after 50!

A Two-Phase Training Approach

John Powell, former world record holder in the discus, once gave me some advice for older athletes at breakfast in Orlando, Florida. He noted older athletes need to rediscover two things: “muscle” and passion. He envisioned that we should train in two phases:
  • Phase One: Hypertrophy and rediscovering the joy of movement
  • Phase Two: Reigniting passion

-Q if I am overweight by 40 KGs will weight lifting be an issue?

-Q is there any good indications of when I should change a workout? Been doing bodypump for 9 months

-Q how do I get rid of stubborn belly fat

-Q thoughts on cheat days?

-Q thoughts on pre workout enhancers?
-Q how long should we workout for optimum effect

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