Sunday, March 13, 2016

DocTalk March 8, 2016

Every week I get to sit in a padded room with 2 doctors and we talk health, this is a great hour.
Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Mediclinic DUBAI MALL MEDICAL CENTRE - 04 449 5111.

This week Dr. Sean was solo.

Here is the show link.

The notes.

Sore throats ++++


  1. odd rash from the delivery guy
  2. sleeping disorders
  3. body odour
  4. -plan for alzheimer's

  1. -memory loss

  1. -side effects of anabolic steroids

  1. cholesterol numbers explained
  2. hair loss?
  3. guarding against hospital infections
  4. excessive saliva

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