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The Middle East Indie Jukebox March 9, 2016

This is the music of the week club! A must listen and must share radio show.

Adam and Paul join me from and we play out the best in Indie music from the Middle East!

Bull Funk Zoo_Would You


Ed Abbas_HipHop (Prod Ameen Al)

Massar Egbari_Cherophobia

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The Rain Call-in March 9, 2016

What a day and we set out to talk about one thing and ended up talking about cars and the rain!

The Podcast Link.

This was a great hour of people sharing!

TechTalk March 8, 2016

3 Guys and a bunch of tech, like clowns at the circus!

Andrew and Jatin from join the fun and this is what it is all about great information and entertainment.

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The notes.

March 8

cool hyper local weather app!
My Weather Concierge(R)
Developer: ROTN Co., LLP
Price: App is Free with content upgrade fees
Why rely on basic weather icons when you could select a local meteorologist to provide you with in-depth up-to-the-minute forecasts?
My Weather Concierge(R) is the next-generation weather app that gives you access to relevant and relatable weather forecasts from local weather forecasters.
There are currently 48 markets where My Weather Concierge(R) has partnered with forecasters. These forecasters are some of the country's top meteorologists. For example, in the New York Area, you could have Joe Cioffi as your Weather Concierge. Joe is an Emmy award-winning meteorologist who has spent the last 30 years forecasting for the New York metropolitan area. He currently can be seen on WPIX -TV (New York's Channel 11) and on Verizon FIOS 1 News for Long Island, New Jersey and the Hudson Valley. Joe has also worked on-air at WNBC-TV and News 12 Long Island.
The app itself is free. The free content allows users to read an excerpt of any forecaster's report.
If a consumer finds a forecaster they like, they can subscribe to that forecaster for $0.99 per month. The user then gets regularly updated forecasts (including long range forecast), alerts when a forecast is updated, or new forecast is available.
There is also the opportunity to 'chat' with the forecaster, via a subscriber messaging thread embedded in the forecast screen.
If a consumer would like a custom forecast from their forecaster, there is a one-time charge of $3.99 per custom forecast. This is a direct in-app dialog (but not a live chat) with the forecaster to answer any consumer question that can be affected by the weather. Most custom forecast requests are related to travel (flight delays, driving conditions), or attending/hosting an event (Will I need a tent? How should I dress for the weather?).

Why slack may be a bad thing!

Stick with your inventions!

On a cold and rainy day in 1902, Mary Anderson boarded a streetcar in order to make a trip into New York City. The visibility was poor, and trolleys at the time had no more than a strange, ineffective method by which to clear sight lines—a multi-pane window that allowed drivers to shove one pane to the side.
But shoving the window aside did nothing more than open the driver and front passengers up to the weather—a heavy sleet, in the case of Anderson’s trolley trip. The two options fit perfectly in the “pick your poison” category, it seems.
While she didn’t have to endure the ice and wind quite as severely—or often—as her trolley driver did, Anderson wanted to change the system. She began to draw up ideas while on that very trolley (which seems like an inconvenient time, considering the sleet flying through the front window and into the streetcar).
After a few tries, Anderson came up with an idea she saw fit for the wiping of windshields. Wood and rubber composed a set of moveable wiper arms, with a lever positioned near the steering wheel for driver access. FromHistory:
When the driver pulled the lever, she dragged the spring-loaded arm across the window and back again, clearing away raindrops, snowflakes or other debris. When winter was over, Anderson’s wipers could be removed and stored until the next year.
Anderson received a patent for the invention in 1903, according to History. But it didn’t catch on, at all—in fact, companies informed Anderson that the wipers had no practical value, would be distracting to drivers and were worth nothing monetarily. There were also few automobiles on the road at the time, resulting in a small audience for Anderson to work with.

The power of a smartphone for photo editing!

Google Internet balloons!

Last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had his hopes of connecting India dashed when Free Basics, a plan offering free access to selected websites and apps, was banned by the country's regulators. Now, Google is stepping up to the plate to connect rural India.
Rajan Anandan, Google's managing director for India, told the Economic Times that Google has been in talks with telecommunication firms to collaborate on Project Loon, which sees high-altitude balloons beam speedy Wi-Fi down to remote areas in developing countries.
"The actual provisioning of the service is done by a local telco. So, we're talking to a number of local telcos," Anandan told the publication. "We can't do a Loon pilot without partnering with a local telco."
He described the project as "infrastructure in the sky," and added, "the government has been very supportive." Google has been contacted for further comment.
India is the world's second largest country, but around 68 percent of its population -- 880 million people -- live in rural conditions or poverty. Facebook hoped to help those in remote areas with its Free Basics scheme, but it was banned last month due to violating the tenants of Net Neutrality, the idea that all Internet sites should be made equally available by service providers.
Free Basics, still available in over 30 other countries, would provide people with free access to a selected list of sites and apps, one of which was, of course, Facebook. This caused many to say that Free Basics provided companies with an unfair market advantage.
It's likely that Google won't encounter the same problem, since Project Loon's Wi-Fi provides equal access to all sites on the Internet. Google has yet to announce whether or not the connection provided by the project, announced in 2013, will be free, though it has stated that the goal of the project is to deliver Internet access to every corner of the world.
The Menlo Park, California-based company first began testing its Project Loon balloons in New Zealand, where they were able to stay in the stratosphere for several days and beam 3G Internet speeds down to receiver stations on the ground. It has since ironed out a lot of kinks, amped up balloon strength and extended field-testing in different countries around the world, like Brazil and the US. One of the balloons, Ibis-167, circled the globe in a record 22 days, and other balloons have been designed to stay aloft for more than 100 days.

MAC Virus starting but stopped for now!

It has finally happened, Apple customers have been targeted through ransomware for the first time ever according to cybersecurity researchers.
Over the weekend it emerged that Apple users were finally welcomed into the internet fold,  with ‘KeRanger’ ransomware signing off on the initiation. Palo Alto Networks discovered the malicious software, saying it was the first “fully functional ransomware” to ever attack Macs.
Delivered through the Transmission application, which users download to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing through BitTorrent, the company detected the ransomware within hours of its initial posting. It got through Apple’s security protocols with a valid Mac app development certificate but, with both Palo Alto and Apple moving fast, the cert has now been revoked and it’s being blocked on Macs.
Apple has also updated XProtect signatures to cover the family, and the signature has been automatically updated to all Mac computers now. As of Saturday, Transmission Project has removed the malicious installers from its website.

Google adds to online community!
It didn't take long for 4chan creator Chris Poole (better known as Moot) to find a new home after selling his brainchild. Google has hired Poole to take advantage of his 12 years of experience "building online communities." It's not clear exactly what he'll do. However, it wouldn't be surprising if he gives Google+ a boost, improving its recent focus on community and giving you more reasons to visit.
Either way, it's definitely a big change of pace. Poole established 4chan as the message board where almost anything goes, and indirectly helped launch Anonymous, legendary pranks and countless internet memes -- he's jumping from the internet's counterculture to the mainstream in less than a year. While it's not surprising given the incentives (Poole didn't make a lot of money from 4chan before the sale), the Google hire is bound to catch some of his admirers off-guard.

check out the social media channels!



SXSW Drones out and robots are in

Check this!

Are the hard copy newspaper days numbered?

Email isn’t that old!

Google adds more templates to docs and such!

DocTalk March 8, 2016

Every week I get to sit in a padded room with 2 doctors and we talk health, this is a great hour.
Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Mediclinic DUBAI MALL MEDICAL CENTRE - 04 449 5111.

This week Dr. Sean was solo.

Here is the show link.

The notes.

Sore throats ++++


  1. odd rash from the delivery guy
  2. sleeping disorders
  3. body odour
  4. -plan for alzheimer's

  1. -memory loss

  1. -side effects of anabolic steroids

  1. cholesterol numbers explained
  2. hair loss?
  3. guarding against hospital infections
  4. excessive saliva

GetFitRadio March 7, 2016

Ever just hang out in a gym with a guy who is just too fit? This is the result.

Marcus and Holly from join me to set the fitness world on its head.

The Podcast Link.

Here are the show notes.

Holly on Supermarkets!

Week 2 of the open, pretty good!

Crossfit Open!

Let’s talk squats!
beware knees,hips and lower back!

The concept of give me 5 minutes

fruit? as a snack food what about the sugars

rice crackers

protein bread?

Q? Keeping a log why does it work?

Q? thoughts on how to sleep better I hear you talk about it a lot!

Q? Tips to weight loss i listened to the show where you spoke about your body fat and that is an inspiration in itself!

Q how good are nuts as a snack and what amount are we talking?

Let’s talk these 5 workout excuses it is MARCH!

Q thoughts on building my chest? (think this is a guy)

-Get beach ready it is time!

-workout smarter not longer!

-Kettle Bell’s Swings and back rehab!

CarTalk March 7, 2016

Well what happens when you take a guy who loves cars and a motoring journalist and put them into a studio?

We set out to set the world straight about the best and worst cars on the road!

The notes.

-Chev Spark?
-Mitsubishi outlander?
-Volks ads for all sorts of cars!
-new ford escape has windshield wiper de-icer!
-new mustang coming?
The new Chevrolet Camaro is spectacular. In our comparison test between the new Camaro SS and the Ford Mustang GT, the Chevy came away with the victory as we declared it to be “rippling with American muscle, but as sophisticated as European iron.” The stiff competition from Chevrolet could be one reason that Ford reportedly is moving up the debut of its seventh-generation Mustang.

Will we get a volks sportwagon?
If you were to find yourself browsing Volkswagen’s Golf SportWagen lineup, it might come as something of a surprise to discover that the base S model starts at $22,445—and that the mid-level SE starts at $27,845. That’s quite a pricing gap from the entry-level model to the next-least-expensive variant. Volkswagen is fixing that situation, however, with the 2016 SportWagen Limited Edition, which slots between the S and the SE and brings a host of driver-assistance and convenience features that aren’t available on the S—and a few that are available on the SE.

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Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Middle East Indie Jukebox March 2, 2016

This is the music of the week club installment for March 2nd.

Adam from joins me to spin some great tunes!

The Podcast Link.

Here is the song list.

Aeli - Palimpsest

Alsarah & The Nubatones - Soukura

DaisyGrim_To Be The Son

Madinat_Burning Son Live

Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan_Ghaba - Live in Cairo

Postcards - Zebra (Beach House Cover)

Who Killed Bruce Lee - BORN ADDICTED

Career Advice Callin March 2, 2016

What advice would you give yourself 20 years ago if you knew what you know today about your career?

TechTalk March 1, 2016

When you get to talk tech for an hour you know you are in a very good place!

Here it is Jatin Mava and Andrew Thomas from Nexa talking tech, the tech that matters!

The Podcast Link!

The Show notes!

March 1

Cool Apps

The main feature York will be expanding with the new funding is the discoverability function in Satchel, that will allow users to search for podcasts in their area using the GPS and locations services on their mobile device.

"The way things are done now, you can create a podcast focused on your local community, but if it's distributed through existing international channels, it can be hard for you to find that local audience," he explained.

Calling All Music Lovers!

Thanks for signing up to be a part of our first release!
With the new official Discogs app, you will be able to:

Catalog Your Collection
• Add and remove items from your Discogs collection on the go.
• Check to see if you already own a record before you buy.
• Use your phone's camera to search for a release by the barcode.

View Marketplace Pricing
• Access to the Discogs Marketplace price-range right at your fingertips

Add to your Wantlist
• Track your grail by adding it to your wantlist

Discover New Music
• Search the database and discover new music from anywhere!

MWC some wearables!

Some MWC stuff!

more MWC
MWC phones

5G? What is it?

Smart Toothbrush!
Mobile World Congress is predominantly about smartphones, however look hard enough and you'll find all sorts of other surprises too. Take Oral-B, which chose Barcelona as the place to announce the B-Genius, a new toothbrush that knows exactly where you're scrubbing. A built-in accelerometer clocks the angle, while your phone's front-facing camera tracks its location and your dentures. As you brush, the companion app highlights the places you've cleaned and the spots you might have missed. So of course, we had to try it for ourselves and see if it's worth the hassle.

Cool phone idea!

Cool Kickstarter


Google can figure out where photos were taken!
It's easy to identify where a photo was taken if there's an obvious landmark, but what about landscapes and street scenes where there are no dead giveaways? Google believes artificial intelligence could help. It justtook the wraps off of PlaNet, a neural network that relies on image recognition technology to locate photos. The code looks for telltale visual cues such as building styles, languages and plant life, and matches those against a database of 126 million geotagged photos organized into 26,000 grids. It could tell that you took a photo in Brazil based on the lush vegetation and Portugese signs, for instance. It can even guess the locations of indoor photos by using other, more recognizable images from the album as a starting point.
PlaNet isn't a foolproof system. It's only as good as the data it's fed, and a photo will only reveal so much by itself -- the network could only pinpoint 10 percent of images at the city level. Early tests hint that it's already much better than humans, however, since it has a much wider view of the world than even the best globetrotters. Provided the researchers refine the technology, you could see photography apps that locate images even when you don't have GPS turned on, or AI that can ask about your vacation without being prompted.

Raspberry Pi3 is out!

And can we add android or windows!

WhatsApp making a few changes, cutting some service!
WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging platform, will leave some mobile operating systems behind by the end of this year. BlackBerry, Android 2.1 (Eclair) and 2.2 (Froyo), and Windows Phone 7.1 are among the mobile platforms that will soon miss the popular messaging app.

The announcement started by noting that WhatsApp recently celebrated its seventh birthday. “But anniversary dates are also an opportunity to look back,” according to the blog post. Given that the mobile landscape has shifted from one dominated by BlackBerry and Nokia to one taken over by Android and iOS, the company declared that it’s time to refocus their efforts.

Augmented Acoustic headphones!

Snapchat gets hacked!

Snapchat is famous for its disappearing messages, but unfortunately not everything in this world is ephemeral when you need it to be. The LA-based company disclosed today that a number of its current and former employees had their identifies compromised by a cyber attack this month.
“Last Friday, Snapchat’s payroll department was targeted by an isolated email phishing scam in which a scammer impersonated our Chief Executive Officer and asked for employee payroll information,” Snapchat explained in a blog post. “Unfortunately, the phishing email wasn’t recognized for what it was — a scam — and payroll information about some current and former employees was disclosed externally.”
Snapchat has had hacking problems in the past. The service leaked some 200,000 photosfrom users back in 2014 when unofficial third party apps were compromised, but on this occasion the circumstances and outcome are different. For one thing, Snapchat said that no user data was affected, while the company is shouldering the blame for the issue. (Last time it said users who lost data were at fault for using unofficial accounts — it then subsequently nixed all third party access to its platform in the name of security.)

Ok this is the answer to our router issues! Why are we always thinking more power and not more routers!

The Xperia Universe is here!

Gmail gets snooze functions, yea! BUT you need to be using inbox!
Inbox by Gmail has two new snooze options that are perfect for when just can't deal with another email. You can now tap "Later this week" or "This weekend" when faced with non-urgent messages. The app will send you another reminder about the email at the end of the snooze period.
The new times were highly requested by users, according to Google. Another update lets you pick your preferred day of the week to receive email. The improvements "should hopefully save you some time, and decrease the need to use custom snooze," reads a company blog post. These updates are only available on Inbox—one more reason to switch over from your native mail app.
Snapchat and Nielsen tie up for more analytics!

Battery life remains the number one annoyance for smartphone owners, but it feels like manufacturers have hit a wall figuring out ways to improve it. But hey, if we can’t have more power in something the same size, then maybe being able to charge it up faster is the next best thing? That’s what StoreDot is betting on with its proprietary battery technology and chargers, which can completely refuel your phone from empty to 100 percent in around five minutes.
We got a live demonstration of the technology at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, and it works. They showed us a Samsung Galaxy S6 with a modified battery and charging port being charged up from around 10 percent to 100 percent, and it took 5 minutes and 25 seconds. We also spoke to CEO and founder, Doron Myersdorf, about what makes StoreDot’s solution unique.

Surprisingly a lot goes into the google doodles!

Love the IBM Ad!