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TechTalk February 9, 2016

An hour of cool!
If there is tech to talk about it is happening with James and Jatin from


The show notes!

Sennheiser Review

These may be the best wireless headphones I have used and when I put the wire in they were as good.
-great form factor they are a classic design.
-the sound may be better than my pro sennheisers I use each day.
-wireless 22hr battery life.
-4 mic system for calls and such
-amazing sound cancellation
!!!! I usually don’t like sound cancellation because you lose some of the quality not here .

bluetooth or NFC connection
true hi-fi sound enhancement

Google Engineer Creates Smart Mirror That Tells Time, Weather and Even the Latest News Headlines

Great tools for building apps and websites NO CODING!

Thankfully, some fantastic startups and development companies are willing to share their extraordinary knowledge and keep building tools that democratize website creation and design, making it approachable for everyone. It was my fascination with all the new technologies that can empower people who lack technical education what drove me to found my own startup a while ago. Today, I want to share my list of the best tools to help build your own website without any programming skills.


Online store





BONUS (for a bit of design help):

Facebook Messenger has a built in chess game!

-all text but it is there!
you invoke by typing "@fbchess play"

Google is all over VR, word is that it is going to be part of android!

Six insightful Superbowl social media stats

Adweek collected digital stats throughout the game Sunday night. Here are six of our most interesting finds:
1. Mountain Dew's director of brand marketing Sadira Furlow told Adweek the Super Bowl campaign generated 11 million views across social media since its first teaser spot launched on Jan. 22.
Per Amobee Brand Intelligence, the ad generated more than 50,000 tweets in the first half of the game.
2.  One of two bowel-related ads—a spot aiming for awareness around opioid-induced constipation or OIC—blew up on Twitter, helping generate 10,250 tweets about constipation during the first half, said Amobee. OIC itself was mentioned in 4,536 tweets.
3. Esurance got huge social buzz early on with a pregame ad encouraging folks to tweet #Esurancesweepstakes for the chance to win $1 million.
According to Spredfast, the spot generated a whopping 9,000 tweets per minuteimmediately after it aired, pulling in 375,000 tweets in the first quarter.
4. To compare, Pepsi racked up 367,000 tweets and Doritos had 245,000 tweets with their spots.
5. During the peak of the halftime show, Beyoncé pulled in 147,000 tweets per minute compared with 83,000 tweets about Coldplay, per Spredfast. Inside the stadium, the singer was tagged in 60 pictures per minute on Instagram.
6. By the end of third quarter, social media analytics company Sprinklr reported that there were more than 960,000 social posts about the Super Bowl across Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Change coming to Google Search as the man in charge changes!

John Giannandrea, an engineering VP who heads Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning efforts, will step in as head of Google search as Amit Singhal leaves to take on philanthropy.
Singhal joined Google about 15 years ago and has led the technical development of the Internet search engine ever since. He led the team that made the Web search engine smarter, faster, smarter, as well as the ability to deep-link into mobile applications.
"Now, with pride, gratitude, and joy in my heart, I need to define my next fifteen years," Singhal wrote in a Google+ post. ”I am eager to see what kind of impact I can make philanthropically, and of course, to spend more time with my family -- especially with my wife who I miss spending time with given our incredibly busy lives, and our son who will go to college soon, leaving an empty nest behind."
Feb. 16 will be Singhal's last day at Google.
The transition appears to merge engineering with search. Giannandrea's experience includes time as CTO at Tellme Networks, which specialized in telephone-based applications and was acquired by Microsoft in March 2007. He also spent five years at Netscape Communications as principal engineer and chief technologist, according to his LinkedIn profile.

IBM is, lie always ahead of the wave!

IBM today announced a broad expansion of its Cloud Data Services portfolio with more than 25 services now available to developers and data scientists.These create a one-stop-shop for accessing and exploring data and for building and deploying applications. They can help developers build, deploy and manage web and mobile applications and also enable data scientists to discover hidden trends using data and analytics in the cloud.
In line with the recent trend of commercial tech companies embracing the open source ethos (or at least components of it), these hybrid cloud services can be deployed across multiple cloud providers and are based on open source technologies, open ecosystems that include company and third-party data, and open architectures that allows data to easily flow amongst the different services.
IBM's new cloud services include:
  • IBM Compose Enterprise: A managed platform designed to help development teams build modern web-scale apps faster by enabling them to deploy business-ready open source databases in minutes on their own dedicated cloud servers.
  • IBM Graph: The first fully managed graph database service built on Apache® TinkerPop that provides developers a complete stack for extending business-ready apps with real-time recommendations, fraud detection, IoT and network analysis uses.
  • IBM Predictive Analytics: A service that allows developers to easily self-build machine learning models from a broad library into applications to help deliver predictions for specific product use cases, without the help of a data scientist.
  • IBM Analytics Exchange: An open data exchange that includes a catalog of more than 150 publicly available datasets that can be used for analysis or integrated into applications.

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