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TechTalk February 2, 2016

We all love gadgets and we all wonder about the apps and toys that are out there, well Jatin and James are your tech question guys!

So this week we kicked off the show taking a look at the Samsung Gear S2.

And of course we had all sorts of apps and more to talk about.

The Podcast Link.

Here are the notes and links from the show.

Feb 2

The Samsung S2 Review
-like it
-samsung allows it to work on SOME android phones
-was bundled with the note recently
-very cool really has a purpose!


My Google apps went down for 2 minutes I thought I might die

Office 365 not sure I love it it the net connetivity gets in the way and can cause it to be sluggish!

Great Apps

Hi Riders,

Every day thousands of UAE residents take the road to work alone. We all know the results: massive traffic congestion, chaotic parking management and of course devastating impact on the planet.

2016 could be the end of lonely rides to work thanks to Carpool Arabia mobile app. Download the app and get matched with buddies going the same way. From now on, you can save your wallet and the planet on your way to the office.


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A Great App!

14.99$ I would buy!
Flowstate is a new note-taking and writing app for iOS and OS X that allows you to set a timer for your writing sessions, from five minutes to three hours. Simple enough, right? Actually, there’s a catch. If you stop writing for more than seven seconds, the app will begin to auto-delete your text. Don’t even think about taking a breather, as everything you’ve typed will begin to disappear right in front of your eyes.

Carpool Arabia

Jatin Stuff.

Galaxy S7 Feb 21!

The teaser video, embedded for the sake of it existing, includes a guy decked out in Samsung's Gear VR headset. Maybe there will be some virtual reality features? Or maybe you'll be able to gaze at the launch event in full 360-degree vision -- if you've got Gear VR and a compatible (soon to be obsolete) smartphone.
Despite its predecessor(s) being Samsung's best phones in years, the company is really looking for a hit. But. what else do we know about the Galaxy S7? Well, not much. In fact even the name isn't confirmed, but rumors point to a touchscreen that can detect strong and faint touch input -- like the iPhone's recently brandished. The WSJ's report also points to fast-charging: something we can all be doing with.

Samsung is too cool!
South Korea really, really wants you to know that it's a technology hub, and it's willing to offer some unusual perks to tourists to underscore that point. The Korea Tourism Organization is teaming up with Samsung and SK Telecom to offer free Galaxy Note 5 phones to "select" visitors coming through Seoul's main airport (about 250 per week) for up to five days. The hope, of course, is that you'll be so impressed with the country's mobile technology prowess that you'll share it with your friends back home. You only get 1GB of data, but that beats paying through the nose forinternational roaming or local prepaid service.
You can apply for one of the phones on the KTO website starting in late February. It's unclear whether or not this program will have an impact. After all, you may already be well-acquainted with Samsung's phones if you're aware of this promotion. Not to mention that South Korea's technology industry doesn't need a lot of marketing help in the first place. If you think Samsung has a strong presence in your neck of the woods, it's practically unavoidable on its home turf -- it makes sitcoms based on its work environment, for goodness' sake. If anything, this will help tourism simply by keeping you connected during your stay.
Alphabet tops apple!
Thanks in no small part to Apple’s mediocre earnings report last week, Alphabet is now the most valuable company in all the land being worth $553 billion compared to Apple’s $538 billion. The obvious breadwinner is Google, as emphasized when Alphabet separated Google from its more money-dependent Big Idea companies like Calico, X, and Fiber. Google is still the number one source of advertising in the world.
But Sales at Apple are SUPER
Now that Google has reported earnings, we can add another incredible stat to Apple's mind bending fourth quarter performance.
For the December quarter, Applegenerated $74.6 billion in sales.
For all of 2014, Google generated $66 billion in sales.
That's really impressive. So is this...
The combined fourth quarter revenue of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon was $73.9 billion.
That's less than Apple did over that same period.
Just as impressive? Apple, against a bigger number, is growing faster than these companies.
  • Apple's sales were up 30% for the quarter.
  • Microsoft's sales were up 8%.
  • Amazon's sales were up 15%.
  • Google's sales were up 15%.
We could be here all day marveling at Apple's quarter. It's nuts how much better Apple is doing than the rest of the tech industry right now.

Whats App is at 1 billion users!
Just over a week after announcing the scrapping of the Facebook-owned messaging service’s $0.99 annual fee, WhatsApp announced today that the product now has 1 billion users. The timing of the WhatsApp news may have been calculated: it comes on the same day that Google announced 1 billion users of Gmail. While Google has floundered on social networking services it’s shown to have a deft hand at growing a communication network in the form of email, making it Google’s most viable competitor against messaging apps at the moment.
The milestone was announced on WhatsApp’s official blog today. This means that WhatsApp acquired around 100 million users between now and September 2015, when the companyreported to have 900 million active users.

SuperBowl 50 to have 360 degree cameras in 5K

Wireless Charging coming to iPhone?
The feature, which has yet to be confirmed, could give the iPhone an edge over competitors, while making the addition a first for Apple's flagship smartphone. The company has stuck with charging its iPhone through the Lightning port, and many competitors have moved to wireless charging, as it's more convenient. You can just lay your smartphone on a charging pad without any cords -- akin to the technology used in the Apple Watch.
The report notes Apple is currently working to overcome technical barriers like loss of power over distance. Efficiency of power transfer decreases as the distance between transmitter and receiver grows, which means batteries take longer to recharge.
There's no word if the wireless charging feature will come with the iPhone 7 reported to be released in the second-half of this year. The new model is said to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor for Bluetooth. Apple could be on track to ditch the Lightning port altogether in favor of wireless charging and wireless Beats headphones.

Windows Phone not so much a success maybe a surface phone?
We've seen lots of talk and rumors of a possible Surface phone, but it seems more and more likely that this idea is the last hope for the diehard fans that refuse to give up on Microsoft's smartphone strategy. There has been no announcement that a Surface phone is under development, although there are sources who state it is being worked on and may be released at the end of 2016.
Besides the Intel x86 architecture and likely deeper integration of Continuum, what else is there that this lauded Surface phone could offer that we haven't already seen from Microsoft or Nokia? Is the x86 support enough to differentiate it from the rest of the smartphone market?
Renderings from fans show a metal phone with design elements similar to Surface tablets. We've seen similar phones, such as the Lumia 830, so I'm not convinced there is a revolutionary hardware design that is going to bring in the masses here. We've seen Windows phones with excellent cameras, solid design, and unique features, such as Windows Hello. None of that has led to success for Microsoft.

More Google Updates for mobile collaboration tools

Google has beefed up collaboration on the mobile version of its productivity apps and expanded the file formats they support for import and export.
The updated Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps for Android and iOS bring a little more immediacy to collaboration on mobile, as well as close the gap on features available in the web versions of the apps.
Updates that rolled out yesterday on the App Store and Google Play brought 'instant mentions' to Docs, Sheets, and Slides on the web, in addition to Android and iOS.
Now, as soon as you start typing someone's name or email address in a comment on the mobile version, the apps will list suggested contacts. The time-saving feature has also come to Docs on the web via a new commenting icon that appears when text is highlighted.
Which are some of the best apps to help you organize your life and sync your files across Google services?
Commenting should also be easier on each of the mobile apps, which now allow users to add new comments and reply to existing ones in real time.

Facebook Live Video!

Livestreaming has been around for several years now, but it wasn't until the arrival of mobile apps like Meerkat and Periscope that it caught on. Now Facebook has jumped in on the trend too. Yesterday, the Zuckerberg-owned empire expanded its Live Video feature beyond just celebs and verified pages so that everyone on the social network can get in on the bandwagon. It's only available on iOS for now, though an Android version should soon be on its way. After a few minutes playing with the new feature, I think Facebook's version has one significant advantage over the rest: that it's built into Facebook itself.

Maybe tech isn’t everything? Are we seeing a bit of a retro push or old school? Star Wars IX to be shot on film not digital!

Facebook moving to realtime sharing? Kill Twitter?

Twitter’s stock price has been tumbling for months, and CEO Jack Dorsey announced this week that several of its highest ranking executives are fleeing. The deepest concern, though, isn’t about corporate machinations—it seems that the product itself simply isn’t as compelling as Facebook. Walt Mossberg, one of the better-known tech pundits anywhere, said Twitter had become way too complicated to use and called it “secret-handshake software” that only people who invest huge amounts of time can get full benefit from.
Dorsey has talked about wanting to turn Twitter into a service that’s as “easy as looking out the window to see what’s happening.” But Ben Thompson at Stratechery argues that that by failing to evolve way back in 2009—before Facebook had grown into a service that a large fraction of Earth’s population uses at least once a month—Twitter missed its chance. Facebook is simply too big and too good at presenting readers with interesting information for Twitter to have any shot at stealing users away from the big blue “f.”
To make matters worse, Facebook now appears to be directly targeting Twitter’s core business. During Facebook’s earnings call on Wednesday, COO Sheryl Sandberg said the company plans to invest heavily in “real-time sharing”—the one thing that Twitter does better than Facebook. Sports events, political discussions, and any other kind of in-the-moment interactions amongst users are what Facebook sees as a big growth area going forward. For Twitter, whose 320 million users appear paltry beside Facebook’s nearly 1.6 billion, it’s not clear that even a major reinvention can get the company back on the growth track.

Mark Zuckerbergs clothing! Crazy!

Apple Secret Virtual reality team

Sony lets us know about smartphone sales heading for a dip?
Sony Corp, widely regarded as a key supplier of image sensors for Apple Inc’s iPhones, said on Friday it was bracing for a slowdown in the premium smartphone market after sales of its sensors fell in the third quarter.
Video game sales and cost cuts in Sony’s flagging mobile unit pushed October-December operating profit up 11 per cent, beating analyst estimates, but the firm confirmed a much-feared hit to a segment that in recent quarters helped it shake off years of losses.
“Demand for image sensors from certain customers has slowed since November due to a slowdown in the high-end smartphone market,” Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida told reporters at a briefing, without naming the clients.
Worries about weaker iPhone sales and a slowdown in China’s smartphone market – the world’s biggest – have weighed on Sony shares in recent weeks. The stock closed up 6.1 per cent ahead of earnings, still down around 16 per cent since the start of 2016.

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