Saturday, February 20, 2016

Parenting Callin february 16, 2016

So, where did you learn to be a parent? By chance like I bet most of us do? Are there opportunities to get parenting education?

This week Joanne Jewel joined me to talk about how we can be better parents!

Some of what we spoke about included,

•Learn more about themselves as parents and their parenting goals.
•Learn the meaning of mindful/positive parenting and how this will redefine their approach to parenting.
•Understand their children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development, and how this is related to behaviour.
•Understa...nd how a parenting approach can impact children in the long term.
•Learn the guiding principles and skills of Mindful Parenting.
•Learn to deal with the common issues such as tantrums, aggression e.g. hitting, biting, kicking, sibling rivalry, etc (with scenarios and role playing).
•Learn how to set boundaries and limits in a respectful and effective manner.

The Podcast Link.

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