Wednesday, February 24, 2016

GetFitRadio February 22, 2016

Marcus Smith is the fitness guy and we get to sit down with him at!

This was a packed week of conversation and there was even Holly in the kitchen!

-prep for oman talk about the challenge mental and physical game

Q how do I know a gym is legal?

Q do trainers need to be government certified?

Q thoughts on coffee and training

Q. I know you have spoken about the way to sculpt a butt can you walk us through a better butt exercise regiem?

Q. Marcus I am confused, protein shake or natural foods how do I know what to do!

Q. I have been sick for over a week should I be working out anyway?

Q my husband bought me a bootcamp certificate are bootcamps a fad that has passed or might it get me in shape?

Q. how do I stay motivated when I am not seeing any results?

How to get stronger tricepts!

lets talk health benefits of exercise that are not weight related


The Link to the PODCAST.

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