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ME Indie Jukebox February 24, 2016

This is the music of the week club!

Paul and Adam from join the show and we spin some great indie tunes!

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BLISS PRESENTS_HamdanAlAbri_MikeClassic_No Regrets


RashRadio_Dancing on the moon


Vandalye_Dont Lie To Me

VAT UAE Call-in February 24, 2016

And what are your thoughts on VAT?

Thoughts on the 5% Value Added TAX coming to the UAE?

Hi James , How are you ? Remember you at Tony Gurr's. Hidden VAT in Dubai has always been there...Yes I care! We pay over the odds for most

As a consumer is this going to be the tipping point for you and make you think about moving on?

As an employer will you consider the VAT in your salary considerations?

Dubai: The impact of a value-added tax (VAT) system on consumers in the UAE may vary depending on household incomes and spending behavior, and how much will be levied on goods and services, analysts said.
Considering the purchasing power of residents in the country, a 3 per cent to 5 per cent VAT may generally be hardly noticeable, especially if the essential food items are exempted, but a tax rate of 10 per cent or higher is clearly seen to have a negative impact on consumer spending.
“If [VAT] is implemented at low levels, say 3% to 5% on luxury goods, then the impact on low-income families will likely be negligible”-Andrew Prince, deVere AcumaTweet this
Those who love to shop for big-ticket items or upgrade their gadgets and cars more often than others will mainly bear the brunt of tax collection. As long as the VAT rate does not exceed 5 per cent and food essentials remain untaxed, low-income families have nothing to worry much about, according to the experts.
“If [VAT] is implemented at low levels, say 3 per cent to 5 per cent on luxury goods such as computers and cars, then the impact on low-income families will likely be negligible. [But] those who regularly purchase the latest smartphone or upgrade their car are the ones to shoulder a greater portion of the burden,” said Andrew Prince, financial planner at deVere Acuma.
“That said, even a VAT at 5 per cent on a Dh200,000 car would only increase the price by Dh10,000, which if spread over a typical loan tenure of five years, would increase the monthly payments by about Dh170.”
The introduction of tax reforms has long been discussed in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. In the early 1990s, a feasibility study was conducted to test the implementation of corporate taxes and VAT.
Talks on the subject later fizzled out and it is only recently when economies in the region are facing budget deficits due to oil price decline that the proposal is again gaining strong interest.
Alp Eke, senior economist at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), said that a VAT rate of 5 per cent will be “negligible” or “slightly noticeable in the UAE.
However, he said that based on various surveys conducted in the United States and Europe, a VAT rate of 10 per cent or above would definitely have an impact on consumer spending.
“[This is especially true] on luxury items, such as spending on restaurants, electronics and entertainment.”
Prince said that introducing tax reforms in the UAE is essential since the country needs to find other revenue sources to sustain investment infrastructure and the well-being of its residents. “It is generally accepted that some form of taxation is actually a good thing, as it helps diversify away from reliance on hydrocarbons for revenue and maintains sovereign wealth,” Prince said.
“We saw recently the removal of subsidies for petrol as a perfect example of ‘balancing the books’.”
However, some businesses in the UAE expressed concern that the collection of VAT would discourage shoppers, including tourists, from opening their wallets.
Karen Patel, marketing manager of 2GIS Middle East, said the proposal could result in double taxation for visiting shoppers, considering that people who purchase imported goods are also liable to pay taxes once they travel back to their home countries.
“[The UAE] is among the most preferred shopping destinations in the world with a huge influx of tourists that contribute significantly to the GDP of the country. The biggest attraction, apart from being a world-class city is the tax-free economy for the tourists and the expat residents,” Patel said.
“The imposition of VAT will have a huge effect on the buying power of both the [residents and tourists]. It is well known that most tourists and residents will have to pay duty tax again on certain goods in their country of origin.”
To avoid burdening consumers, Patel said it would be a good idea to implement VAT in phases and exempt certain consumer goods.
Other companies who also deal with tourists  in the UAE expressed the same concern, adding that any tax collected could limit visitors' spending power.
“Any amount gone out of [tourists’] pockets is their expense, whether it is in the form of VAT or tax. This will really affect the spending power [of visitors who will be forced] to buy an alternative product with a lesser price, or postpone [or cancel] the purchase,” added Dinesh Joseph, senior manager for accounts at Fast Rent A Car, which caters mainly to tourists.

The GCC has confirmed that it will bring in VAT at 5 per cent on January 1, 2018.
Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, said: “The implementation as per the GCC Supreme Council resolution will be implemented as of January 1 2018, and other countries can take a later date of implementation on January 1, 2019.”
As the price of oil continues to fall, those nations whose gross domestic product (GDP) has relied on its revenues are being forced to diversify their economies. Naturally, the only real way to fill the void left by lost oil revenue is taxation.
But how will the implementation of value-added tax (VAT) affect you? Guides has picked through this Gulf News report and highlighted the important facts that you need to know.

1. VAT is due to be implemented at the beginning of 2018
2. When introduced, the initial rate of VAT is likely going to be between 3-5 per cent
3. Staple food items will remain exempt from VAT
4. Healthcare, education, and social services will also be exempt from VAT
5. The government forecast between Dh10 billion to Dh12 billion revenues from VAT in the first year
6. It is a crucial step in ensuring a stable economy which is less reliant on oil revenue
7. VAT will be introduced across the wider GCC region, and not just the UAE
8. The retail sector will be protected as much as possible, with price increases not being too much of a shock to middle and low income earners

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TechTalk February 23, 2016

We all want to talk Tech and Jatin Mava from has a lot to share!

The show notes!

Feb 23

Mobile World Congress! watch live feed 22-25! Update next week!
It really is all about mobile!
Roughly 100,000 people plan to attend the five-day conference in Barcelona, Spain, this year, up from 93,000 last year. As with CES—the Las Vegas tech conference that's often compared as the United States' closest comparison to Mobile World Congress—every major holding company will have a presence at the show, hosting panels, cocktail parties and personalized client tours of the show floor. WPP chief Martin Sorrell and Starcom Mediavest Group's chief revenue officer Laura Desmond are among a handful of keynote speakers who will talk about how mobile is shaping the media and advertising industries.

samsung ad cool unpacking and a lot of phone history in a package!

The projector just got better!

ZTE's Android projectors have often seemed like answers to a question no one asked, but the company might have found an audience with the newly unveiled Spro Plus. The device combines a 500-lumen projector with an Android-based control system that includes an 8.4-inch AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 801 processor, optional LTE data and 128GB of expandable storage. In effect, it's a chunky mid-range tablet that can cast 80-inch images on your wall.
It's ostensibly designed as an all-in-one machine for presentations and conferencing (there's an optional USB camera). However, ZTE isn't shy about admitting that this could also make a good movie machine -- imagine watching a big-screen flick on the same device you used to check Facebook minutes earlier. The main catches are the wait time and the cost. You'll have to wait until summer to get the Spro Plus, and mum's the word on price. The odds are that it'll cost as much as a good dedicated projector, so you'll have to decide whether or not this two-in-one approach is worth some compromises.

Solar charging phone!

The smartphone itself is bigger than the Torque we saw in 2015, standing at 5 inches tall while still running a forked version of Android. But what matters here is the magic inside. According to Sunpartner Technologies, Kyocera's fresh prototype comes with improved power efficiency. Three minutes of sun gets you one minute of talk time, whereas the previous model required 10 minutes of light rays for two minutes of voice. Kyocera also designed an app to let users know about the charging conditions, ranging from "Excellent" to "Not Charging."
As far as internet browsing goes, a Sunpartner representative said the solar-powered technology can "probably" last longer doing that than on talk time -- but we weren't allowed to put that to test, unfortunately. There's no word on when, or if, Kyocera plans to bring it to market. Still, at least we know the manufacturer is willing to try different things, especiallywhen it comes to solar technology.

Sony Earpiece COOL!

Projection mapping way cool! watch the video!

Samsung Gear Camera! VR! Phone does the work! BubbleCam

At its core, the Gear 360 is like another cheap VR cam (of which there are many). It can capture information on its 128GB microSD and sync with your PC for stitching and editing. But the Gear 360 perpetuates Samsung’s belief that the smartphone in your pocket should be the heart and soul of your VR world.
Because of the new Galaxy S7's powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, the phone can actually do all the video stitching and editing itself via Bluetooth. Neat!

Four Square has a cool product

Foursquare announced a new product today that should help brick-and-mortar advertisers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.
The company has already been expanding the ad side of the business, for example launching new ad targeting product last year and recently bringing on CEO Jeff Glueck to grow its enterprise tools.
Now, with Attribution Powered by Foursquare, the company is making its data available to advertisers even if they don’t run campaigns in the Foursquare or Swarm apps. Naturally, that data is focused on location — that may be Foursquare’s big selling point compared toFacebook and Twitter, which have also been working to expand their ad capabilities beyond their own properties.
President Steven Rosenblatt said the company has created a representative sample of about 1.3 million people (out of its total of 50 million active users) who have opted in to constantly share their location data with Foursquare. So his team can find users in the panel who have seen an ad, examine their behavior, then compare it to a similar group of users who didn’t see the ad. That, in turn, allows Foursquare to extrapolate how much the ad resulted in a “lift” in store visits.

To show off the technology, Foursquare measured the effectiveness of Super Bowl ads. Apparently the big winner was Red Lobster — which wasn’t even an advertiser but saw a 12 percent lift in store traffic, thanks to being featured by BeyoncĂ©.
Rosenblatt also noted that Foursquare can provide this data to advertisers on a daily basis, rather than making them wait for weeks, and that the company has years of location data that it can use to determine whether or not you’re really in a given location. As for privacy, he emphasized that these users have opted in to share their data, and that it’s all aggregated and anonymized.
Asked how these products fit into Foursquare’s consumer strategy, Rosenblatt replied, “The consumer apps are the foundation of everything we ultimately do. We will continue to use our technology and the incredible location intelligence we have to enhance those experiences. They go hand-in-hand — they really do.”

Facebook has come out with a deck of cards that have marketing insights on them!
Facebook combined a playful concept with great design in this recent initiative to send its 2015 marketing insights to agencies—via a beautiful deck of 52 illustrated playing cards.
The deck was made by London creative agency Human After All. Each card offered a unique and engaging insight about Facebook and its U.K. users—from Santa to Star Wars, from Jay Z to Jon Snow—the agency says.
The packaging was personalized to the agency that would be getting each pack. And in addition to the U.K., country-specific packs were created for France, Italy and Spain with alternative insights and illustrations.
In all, more than 1,000 decks were distributed to agencies that work with Facebook. Human After All also created a large poster of the cards for Facebook to display in its headquarters and send to clients.

Apple Stands up for privacy and phone locking!

Ashton Kutcher the phone builder with Motorola?

Why use a recurring celebrity like Ashton Kutcher?
Ashton is certainly a celebrity, but he's also a technology enthusiast who appreciates startup culture and mentality.
He originally got involved with Lenovo because he saw that spirit in them. He's definitely not just a pitchman—he's working with us on product development now, as he did with Yoga from Lenovo.

SnapChat Films?

Snapchat is going from the small screen to the big screen.
The Tribeca Film Festival has partnered with the popular mobile-social app, inviting its users to create humorous videos no longer than 200 seconds. People can film their entries using Snapchat's Story function, which strings together short clips and photos.
A jury led by Snapchat celebrity DJ Khaled, who's on the cover of Adweek this week, will choose 10 winners. They'll be screened at the Manhattan movie shindig in April and "could be featured on a special Snapchat Discover channel," according to a release from the Tribeca Film Festival. Stories on that channel typically get millions of views, a nice opportunity for aspiring short filmmakers.
Tribeca Snapchat Shorts submissions will be accepted from Feb. 27 through March 8, and participants need to be 18 years old and U.S. citizens.
"It's an official program with the show," said Tribeca Enterprises rep Tammie Rosen. "We are always looking for a way to tap into next-generation storytellers, and this is technology that's on their fingertips."

SnapChat data!

eters have demanded more performance stats from Snapchat, and now they are getting it.
According to sources, Snapchat is working with Tune—an app analytics company—to provide insights around the former's recently launched app-install ads. The Venice, Calif.-based tech company makes the move as it looks to compete with more-established digital platforms for more of brands' advertising dollars.
App-install ads are big business for online behemoths Facebook and Google, and Tune provides data on how many people downloaded and opened an app after clicking on ads. Marketers then use that information to measure and re-target campaigns.
"It's a natural progression for Snapchat—they see that this is a success that Facebook had," said one source who has been briefed on Snapchat's ad-tech partners.
Snapchat and Tune declined to comment for this story.
After running an ad for the mobile game Cookie Jam two weeks ago, two e-commerce companies have since advertised apps on Snapchat—shopping app Spring and mobile ticketing company Gametime. Could those developments be seen as an indication that Snapchat may also be moving into e-commerce as a way to ramp up revenue?
During a Re/code conference on Wednesday, Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief and Snapchat board member Joanna Coles hinted that Snapchat Discover may "morph into an e-commerce platform so you will be able to buy from it."
At any rate, in addition to Spring (its ad can be seen at the end of this page) and Gametime (see directly below), Nike has also run app-install ads in the past two weeks to promote its Nike+ Training Club app as part of its ongoing "Better for It" campaign.

Yahoo is in a bit of a content tailspin!

Google AMP!

Google will be introducing its Accelerated Mobile Page initiative on Feb. 24, several sources familiar with AMP confirmed to Ad Age.
AMP is a direct response to similar but proprietary platforms like Facebook's Instant Articles and Apple's News. Unlike them, however, AMP is open source, meaning anyone can use it.
Google says AMP pages load 85% faster than standard mobile web pages. The company wants to reinvent the mobile web by delivering content at near instant speeds.
Publishers, meanwhile, have been eagerly awaiting their chance to test AMP's efficacy in encouraging readership on mobile devices. The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed and the Washington Post are among those who will have AMP sites ready next week.
A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the date of AMP's roll-out.
While AMP pages load much faster, many revenue streams for publishers won't be available. Interstitial ads and site takeovers aren't allowed. Elements that are script-based, widgets that suggest other reading and video that visitors have to watch before they get to the content they're seeking are also off the table.
Still, delivering content at blazing fast speeds may be a necessary measure for publishers -- and Google -- to keep consumers on the mobile web. Consumers currently spend far more time with apps than the mobile web.
Google began reaching out to publishers nearly 10 months ago and publicly introduced the concept of AMP back in October. Google will begin displaying AMP sites in its search results next week. Although the search titan said it won't favor AMP in particular among the search results it displays, it has long favored faster sites over slower ones when other things are equal.
"Clearly, AMP takes speed to a point of extreme," Richard Gingras, senior director, news and social products at Google, previously told Ad Age. "So, obviously we look to leverage that. Again, it is only one signal. AMP doesn't mean adopt AMP and get a massive boost in search ranking. That is not the case. All of the other signals need to be satisfied as well. But without question speed matters. If we had two articles that from a signaling perspective scored the same in all other characteristics but for speed, then yes we will give an emphasis to the one with speed because that is what users find compelling."
Facebook said Wednesday that it will expand access to its Instant Articles to all publishers on April 12, expanding on the group of several hundred that have been testing it so far.

60% of mobile banner ad clicks are an accident!

IBM is focused! Making Big data useful!

IBM on Thursday said it will acquire Truven Health Analytics in a deal valued at $2.6 billion.
The purchase further builds out the IBM Watson Health unit. Truven tracks cost, claims and quality data in health care. In addition, Truven has methodologies and algorithms to track healthcare costs and quality.
IBM's plan is to integrate Truven's data into its Watson Health Cloud to deliver what Big Blue calls "insights as a service." As noted in a ZDNet profile of Watson Health, IBM is aiming to acquire enough data and technology to track health "from single-individual level to population level."
More importantly, Truven brings a bevy of customers to the Watson Health roster. Truven provides cloud-based healthcare data to 8,500 customers ranging from hospitals to insurers to life sciences companies. Truven has 25 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies as customers.
Truven's flagship product is called Advantage Suite, which targets employer, government and health plan customers. Another product called ActionOI is focused on operational performance at providers.
IBM bought Phytel, Explorys and Merge Healthcare before Truven.

DocTalk February 23, 2016

We all need to ask a medical question or 2 but who do you ask?

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Mediclinic DUBAI MALL MEDICAL CENTRE - 04 449 5111.

The doctors were in the house and we had a list of questions to get through!

Diabetes, sugar, hidden


-pool rash


-pimples behind ears any ideas only there!

-fever in child comes and goes one week it just happens then gone comes back for a few days at night then gone

-what does swelling tell us about a knee injury or elbow or any injury?

-how to avoid travel blood clots

cholesterol numbers explained

How to deal with high blood pressure

teens and depression how to recognise beyond just a teen being a teen

The Link to the PODCAST!