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TechTalk January 11, 2016

Techtalk with Andrew and Jatin from www.digitalnexa.com is always a little more than you bargined for.

This week we had a chance to review the Microsoft Lumina 950 XL, nice phone maybe not the phone I want to use as a primary device. 

There was also a chat about APPS and there are many to think about.

And of course here are the notes to the show with the links.

Lifesum launches movesum

After raising a $6.7M Series A round to bolster its position, health tracking startup Lifesum has added another arrow to its quiver in the form of a new app called Movesum. You can download it here.
After studying the health category, Lifesum tells me that they decide the classic pedometers and step counters (such as Pacer) have become too bloated with features and gone beyond what most people need to stay healthy. Of course that’s their opinion and I don’t mind apps adding features. But it can be off-putting for the average Joe. Meanwhile, the Moves app, which was acquired by Facebook, actually tracks and maps your location as well as your distance travelled, which frankly can be a little creepy.

Thus Movesum is a very simple app which tracks how many steps you’ve taken, encourages you to take a 7 day streak in your movement, and set up a daily goal.
The twist is that as well as displaying how many calories you’ve burned, it also displays pictures of food that you might eat and how many steps it would take to burn off the equivalent calories. Thus Movesum puts your daily movement into context and makes you mindful about the energy in different types of food. As a way to concentrate the mind, it’s pretty shocking. (Did you know one beer is 163 calories, or 3,275 steps? I’m just off for a very long walk…)
“The simple truth is that people don’t need to move very fast to be healthy. They just need to move more. Movesum makes it fun to move more on a daily basis, and hopefully makes you take an extra walk instead of taking the car or the bus,” says Henrik Torstensson, CEO and co-founder of Lifesum.

Peach is a new messaging APP

Chat chat chat, talk talk talk. We love it, you love it. Messaging apps are hot for 2016 (again) and there’s seemingly a niche platform for all of us. There are also big platforms for the rest of the world like Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat and Hangouts (and tons more).
One new app, Peach, is pretty interesting. Peach was created by the founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann. What’s different about it, though? Well, the onboarding is pretty slick and the engagement experience is kind of like using Slack commands, if you’re familiar with that. The onboarding also feels a lot like Slackbot, too.
Apps you can't live without

Toys are amazing these days. Legos new programming toy.

Ces round up. What was your fav?

Net Flix in the UAE. Game changer

  1. Lumina 950 XL 2349 DHS SOuq.com
Like it?
-if you are a dried in the wool windows lover this ia phone you will love.
-The operating system is windows so the transition from one device to another is easy.
  • Front camera:
  • Full HD 5 MP wide angle
  • Camera Flash Type:
  • Natural flash
  • Processor type:
  • Hexa-core 1.8 GHz
  • Charging3:
  • Built-in wireless charging, Fast charging
  • Maximum talk time (3G):
  • 18 h
  • Maximum standby time with dual SIM:
  • 12 days
But this is still a work in progress.
It gets warm and the battery life could be better.
-APPS, we need them.
-my model would use some apps landscape and others portriat but no option to go between the orientation and this bothered me
-the feel was old school boxy economy
-the refinement was not there

What other say

This could be a cool phone, Nextbit ROBIN!

Nextbit, a San Francisco-based startup run by Google and HTC veterans, plans to start shipping its first smartphone, called the Robin, on Feb. 16 to those who've preordered it. On that same day, it plans to unveil its e-commerce store. Preorder sales are ending next Friday.
The company is hoping the Android phone's clever design and heavy focus on cloud storage will help it gain attention in a crowded smartphone field dominated by tech titans including Apple and Samsung.
"Nothing really stands out anymore," Scott Croyle, Nextbit's chief designer, said on CNET's Consumer Electronics Show stage in Las Vegas on Friday. "Everything feels like a derivative of either the [HTC One] M7 or the iPhone."
The Robin is the first smartphone to claim cloud storage as its key feature. While the phone has 32 gigabytes of internal storage, it will have a total of 100 GB of storage in the cloud. The phone moves little-used apps, photos, videos and other files to the cloud to ensure you always have room to complement your built-in storage.

Staying with phones this is cool a 3D sensing smartphone! Lenovo and Gookle team up with project TANGO!

Project Tango uses a combination of computer vision and motion sensors to create 3D experiences on smartphones and tablets. In addition to the accelerometer, gyroscope and camera that most smartphones are equipped with, Project Tango devices come with additional sensors that enable them to better track depth and motion.
When these sensors are combined with custom computer vision software, the resulting devices are able to create augmented reality experiences that would not be possible with the typical smartphone or tablet. Games, for instance, can be more immersive while other apps allow you to more accurately visualize digital content overlaid onto your surroundings.
A Project Tango app called Car Visualizer, for example, allows you to use a Project Tango tablet as a "window" to view and interact with a virtual car by moving the device around your surroundings.


How about this security camera!
Presence detects and reports in real-time if someone loiters around your home, a car enters your driveway or your pet is in the yard.

Traditional thermometers have always made you choose between comfort and accuracy, and don't help you monitor the health of the whole family. Thermo is a game changer. Via our revolutionary HotSpotSensor™ Technology, a simple gesture yields the most precise temperature possible, and automatic Wi-Fi sync with the dedicated Thermo app allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone.

With 16 infrared sensors and our patented HotSpot Sensor™, Thermo finds the hottest spot and provides a highly-accurate temperature reading in only 2 seconds.

CES 2016 innovation award

This is a cool sun exposure tool!
L'Oréal's product isn't a bracelet, a watch or any kind of jewelry. Instead, the company worked with PCH, an Irish product engineering firm, to create "My UV Patch," which debuted at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.
The patch is a small (one inch in diameter) stretchable sensor that can be worn anywhere on exposed skin for up to five days. By hooking up your phone to the sensor, you can find out how much UV exposure you're receiving at any time of the day.
The patch is set to be available at the end of this year with products from the La Roche-Posay line.

SCIO is a pocket molecular sensor! Good for telling you what your food is made of

French startup DietSensor’s gadget promises to reveal the nutritional value of your meal by scanning its chemical makeup. The pocket-sized, Bluetooth-connected molecular sensor is calledSCiO. It uses near-infrared spectroscopy (the analysis of how molecules interact with light) to determine the chemical makeup of food and drink. SCiO can analyze substances based on how their molecules interact with light. The SCiO scanner is available for $249, while the app is free to download but requires a monthly $10 fee.

COOL photos!
1 photo that has the entire day!


Facebook Car? or how people can find out stuff your company is doing?

It turns out that the sunrise period for .car, .cars and .autos domains began on Dec. 9, 2015. So instead of connecting the dots and assuming that not only is Apple working on a car, but it might even be working on a car with Facebook (hey, anything is possible), it's more likely that the legal departments of both companies simply followed the scheduled opportunity to protect their respective brands.

Nearly everyone seems to want an Apple Car, and those hopes were raised higher earlier this week when it was revealed that the Apple.car domain had been registered by the tech giant.
But hold on a second. After doing a little digging we discovered that Facebook registered Facebook.car, Facebook.cars and Facebook.Auto on the same day (Dec. 9, 2015) as Apple. Wait, what? Does that mean a Facebook car is coming, too?!


At the Samsung booth, I watched as a roughly 50-inch screen split apart and separated into four, and then eight different displays.

t wasn’t perfect, however. When the screens were as one, I could just barely see the seams between them if I looked closely, and they were more obvious off-angle. That wouldn’t make for a great experience if it was your main TV set, but it would be less crucial if the display were used for commercial applications like signage. Or just a wild party room.

New Alarm Clock
http://ruggie.co/ and cool website

Tired of sleeping through your alarms? Do you hit the snooze button over and over again? I don’t blame ya, modern clocks make it way to easy for us to snooze… especially when we’re coming straight from magical dreamland!
Introducing Ruggie – World’s first talking rug alarm clock.
This revolutionary clock will not only get you out of bed on time (you’ll literally have to get up!), it will reward you with daily motivation to keep you out of bed and start your mornings off right!

GPS Pet Tracker

Never lose track of your pet again thanks to the Tractive® GPS Pet Tracking device. This life-saving device attaches to your dog, cat or any other pet and allows you to view their live location on an interactive map. You can even trigger the “LIVE tracking function” to get real-time updates every other second. It’s the best choice you can make for your pet’s safety, and your peace of mind.
  • Requires service of 6.99 USD per month or 64.99 USD per year (no minimum time, cancel anytime)
  • View your pet’s current location on a map in real-time
  • Define a Safe Zone & get notified when your pet leaves the designated area
  • Retrace your pet’s steps for up to the last 24 hours
  • Get a reminder when your battery is getting low
  • Receive an 100% waterproof tracker
  • Get an alert when your pet crosses your virtual fence
  • See your pet’s location on any mobile device or web app
  • Find your pet in the dark w/ the built-in light

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