Saturday, January 02, 2016

GetFitRadio January 5, 2016

And we are back for another year!

Marcus Smith and I sit down and have a chat about fitness and more.
You can find Marcus at the virtual home of the Innerfight Gym!

This week was, as you might expect about goals.

First up was a conversation about setting a January, reset, goal and Marcus gave us his take on why things go so wrong.

The conversation then naturally migrated to a conversation about belly fat and what we need to be doing about that.  Interesting that the fitness side of belly fat is 20% of the issue with 80% of the task being to control diet!

We welcomed back Holly and kick off a new year of paleo cooking tips and tricks with Holly.  What I love about this part of the show is pretty much everything we talk about is in the food section of

And we finished off the show talking posture and where we need to be going as far as the office and fitness thinking.

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