Wednesday, January 13, 2016

GetFitRadio January 12, 2016

We all want to get fit, eat well and look like a million bucks!

Marcus Smith of Innerfight Gym,, was back in the studio, well we were in the gym, and we had a good chat about stuff that matters.

I particularly liked the belt conversation and of course the food segment with Holly!

No video this week BUT I did get on the floor and do a good 10 pushups that Marcus then critiqued.

Here is a look at the show notes and the links.

Marcus Smith Innerfight and Holy’s Kitchen
Holttrollydolly on instagram

We have a great evening of fitness radio ahead this evening.

gym advice, technique advice, food advice and oh Marcus Smith from Innerfight gym is here.

Marcus Welcome!

Lets get down to it!

  1. what is new in the gym? Seminar series, base fitness,
  2. fixed my running! shortened the stride and improved stamina and reduced strain on the legs!!
  3. let’s solve this once and for all, is there a better time to work out?
  4. More gyms opening! Best one I saw was a plus size class to help reduce the self consciousness
  5. doing my run/push-up routine as the boy plays american football let’s talk pushups how to do them best and what are the mistakes?
How NOT to do a push up:
  • The hands are above the line of the shoulder and not flat on the ground.
  • The back is in downward dog position. It should be flat.
  • The elbows are flared out instead of tucked in.
NOT to do a push up:
  • The elbows are flared out and hands are wide.
  • The hands are cupped.
NOT to do a push up:
  • The hips are sagging.
  • The lower back is arched.

What a Proper Push Up Should Look Like

  • The hands are firmly on the ground, with no cupping of the palms.
  • The hands are below the line of the shoulder.
  • The elbows are at an angle - approximately 45 degrees.
  • The core is engaged and the body moves as a unit.
  • The head is in a neutral position, not looking down.
6. how to get out of a strength rutt and why we need a balanced workout not all cardio!

7. Thoughts on the pre fatigue principle?
The Pre-Fatigue Principle, also called pre-exhaustion technique, is excellent for helping to fully exhaust your muscles and help bust through a strength plateau that you may be suffering from. If it feels as though no matter what you do, you just can’t increase performance, this technique could help you go that extra distance.
Let’s go over what this is and how you can start it today.

What is the Pre-Fatigue Principle? (the Pre-Exhaustion Training Technique)

The pre-fatigue principle essentially consists of tiring out a smaller muscle group directly before you go to work a larger muscle group; or, training with single-joint exercise directly before multi-joint exercise.
Basically, it’s a way of ensuring that when you do one of your main workouts (whichever workout you are now stuck on), you can make sure that you are targeting and directly working the isolation muscle in question.

8. thoughts on situps and sit up variations?
what about this idea?

9. walking how good is it for us really?

10. getting lower back pain after a workout any suggestions
11. suggestions for getting over a plateau?

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