Saturday, January 30, 2016

CarTalk January 25, 2016

And here we go with another edition of CarTalk with only 2 musketeers!

Imthishan gave is the very rare treat of talking at length about the physical and mental erperince he had driving a Caterham.

Of course there was no shortage of talk about Ford, Range Rover and even a Durango got tossed into the mix.

In the end it was clear you have to love what you drive and drive what you love.

The podcast link.

Last but not least here is what we sent out to speak about.

-Land Cruiser thoughts
-beetle Cabrio

-short vs long wheelbase!
-Honda Jazz
-Nissan Maxima is looking sweet
-Nissan Micra Sweet
Nissan Micra cup!

-ford f150 vs anti tank gun!

-Seeing a lot of Sierra’s
-KIA Rio

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