Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CarTalk January 11, 2016

Once again my theory of automobiles as the unifying factor of social society was proven correct.

Imthishan from www.motoringme.com was with James in studio and together they demonstrated that no matter who, what time of the day or where people are cars create a buzz.

This week we learned that old is new. It would seem more than a fair share of listeners are driving cars that some might say are well past the best before date.

And of course we learned that both of the boys this week had their Jeep's in for some repairs and that they really want those rides back.  Well James has his thanks to Sam at Rage.

Here is a look at what some of the listeners had to say via the SMS line.

Hi james and imtishan, sam did a great job on my cherokee just last week, new shocks, new suspension bushes, sensors, rear tfr case seal, new alternator. . And repair to steering box, and new track bar. Great job! Ian (the skoda guy)

Hi, Good Evening, I drive a lands rover lr3 2009.  The car is getting aged a bit. Can you suggest a good mechanic   CanSam at Al qouz service this car. Prakash

I have a black infiniti G35 2008 model. I love the design and was my dream car from design and performance perspective. I have clocked 100K kms and am wondering if it'll start giving problems n bcole expensive over time. Should i sell it? Im so much in love wid the design tat given a chance i'll keep it for life. Just worried if more expenses wud come up.

Hey. New Golf GTI or R? Mike

006 Volvo V70 - 340,000 kms but still going strong! Can't seem to separate! 😀👍🏻😆
100,000 is brand new!! My 2005 Honda Mrv has 208,000 km now. How long do u think it will last???  And also - how do u offload a 2001 Dodge Durango??  Lol


Since many Ford fans are popping up with their experience, I want to share my feedback too. I have had my Focus ST for 2 and half years now and Al Tayer is the best dealership experience I have had among all the cars I have owned. Like one listener said, Ford Middle East is of not much help when there are issues, takes ages to approve, but Al Tayer on the other hand helps the best way possible

Hi I have a 2010 3.0 litre ford escape and it has done 146,000 km. Its a wonderful car.... Excellent handling, very good pickup, its faster than my 3.8 litre 2016 pajero, it has had general wear and tear repairs....

A very satisfactory car and want to drive it forever... But how long can I use it....

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