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GetFitRadio December 7, 2015

Marcus Smith is in the virtual studio to talk fitness and the world of!

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Some of the show notes!

what is new?
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-strengthening  the posterior chain?

-talk to me about weighted pull ups

-love this set! Why is it so awesome Run for 35 minutes Every 5 minutes, stop and perform 15 burpees


-forget the diet go for life change!

-smart goals or no goals!

Smart Goals: 5 Components

  1. Specific. Is your goal measurable? Because, if it’s not, it’s pretty hard to tell if you’ve reached it. So, rather than saying, “I’d like to run faster,” try narrowing it down a bit with something like, “I’d like to shave one minute off my 5k time.”
  2. Measurable. Can you track your goal? If not, you can’t really tell whether or not you’ve met it. In the example above, there’s a specific amount of time being shaved off a particular distance, which makes it simple to tell whether you’ve reached your goal … or you still have some work to do.
  3. Timely. Does your goal have a timeline or deadline? That helps to give you the motivation you need to stay at it. So, when it comes to that 5k time, try amending it to, “I want to shave one minute off my 5k time by the end of next month.”
  4. Attainable. Step back for a moment and analyze your goal. Do you believe you can achieve it? If you’re fairly new to running, but you’re dedicated and your running times are coming down rapidly, then the goal mentioned above is definitely achievable. But, if you’ve been shaving seconds upon seconds from your 5k time for years and are already running at an elite level, taking a full minute off in such a short amount of time isn’t so attainable. Which is fine — in that case, either give yourself more time, or make the goal less extreme.
  5. Realistic. This seems similar to No. 4, but there’s a distinct different. Let’s stick with the 5k goal and assume that you have room to improve on your time, but, let’s say you hate doing speed work. Why set a goal that forces you to focus on something you hate and won’t want to do? If you prefer lots of long, slow runs, perhaps your goal should be on running a 10 miler or marathon at a comfortable pace. Think about the why behind your goal, and if the path to achieving it takes you down a road you don’t want to go, that “why” just might give you an alternate route to getting what you really want.
Now look at your goal one more time — does it hit all five marks for a smart goal? I’ve set some that weren’t so smart … and I didn’t get too far with them! —Kristen

-How to give a fitness gift!
So, how the freak do you give a fitness gift without it being perceived as a “you-should-do-this” kinda thing? Oh, we have tips.

Step 1: Make sure the person actually wants fitness gifts.

This kind of goes without saying, but although you really, really love all things fitness-related and want to give the gift of health, that doesn’t mean everyone does. And gift giving should be about the person you’re giving something to — not you. So hold back the inner health pioneer in yourself (believe me, we understand — we want to make EVERYONE healthier, too!) and make 100 percent certain that your recipient really does want those compression socks and that giant big-ass saladbowl.
Also, if you’re going to gift workout clothes, make sure the size is right. There’s nothing more awkward than giving them something they have to return to get a bigger size for, especially if they are trying to lose weight.

2. Pick fitness gifts that aren’t tied specifically to weight-loss.

Even if you gift recipient is trying to lose weight, it’s best to leave the whole topic of weight-loss out of the holiday gift-giving process. (So a diet book or scale? Totally out of the question for a variety of reasons — unless it’s this book, of course.) Instead, consider fitness gifts that will help inspire and motivate them to have fun with fitness and healthy eating.
You can check out all of our gift guides here and definitely also consider gifting one of those monthly subscription boxes or fitness concierge services — they’re like having Christmas come every month. Most offer gift subscriptions last anywhere from one month to 12. Here are a few of our faves:
  • StrengthCrate and BuffBoxx: Best for weight-lifters and those smitten with CrossFit.
  • BuluBox: Great for those just getting started on their healthy journey (and you can get 50% off with coupon “FBG411” — we’re an affiliate).
  • SweatStyle: Fantastic for women who love their athleisure wear, but don’t always want to go out shopping.
  • FabFitFun: We love this one so much we’re an affiliate. Perfect for those who love fit fashion and beauty.
  • Cairn: Get this one for the outdoor-adventure lovers in your life.
  • Bestowed & Women’s Health Box: Give a subscription to Women’s Health magazine and healthy snacks. Great for the fit foodie!

3. Include a really nice note with your true intention.

Just so that there is absolutely no misunderstanding whatsoever, hand write a note with how much the person means to you and why you think they’ll enjoy the gift. Need some inspiration on what to write? Include one of these awesome and positive quotes.

-8 things that could ruin your sleep, what does your sleep schedule look like?

-skinny shaming


the box jump king!

-the trick to double unders

-what are your thoughts on a good cross trainer?

-workouts with a cold? Thoughts.

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