Friday, November 27, 2015

Talking to Dubai Youth Call in November 25, 2015

Four Dubai high school students talking about the expat experience from the youth perspective.

Joining the show are, 

Chris Rahm

Jared Pereira

Haeley Lu

Manny Quereshi


What we set out to speak about.

1. "Independence" : How at times we feel we have to rely on our parents excessively because of the driving age limit, lack of public transportation, minimal student job opportunities, etc.

2. "School Life" : We realized that Middle Eastern schools are all relatively new compared to other schools around the world, which means that the facilities are amazing (3D printers for students, planetariums, etc.). Also, most people attend public schools in their home countries, so it may be a good experience to go to private schools here.

3. "Culture pt. 1" : A lot of people ask us expats about how difficult it was to transition into Middle Eastern culture, but in fact Dubai is so globalized that the transition is never as hard as it seems.

4. "Culture pt. 2" : We thought it would be nice to end on a happy note, where we qualify our previous discussion about culture by talking about how if you really set your mind to it (and enter what we call the "tourist mode") it is easy to immerse yourself in traditional culture. Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi have made their heritage sites extremely accessible and foreigner-friendly, which we all appreciate greatly.

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