Friday, November 27, 2015

The Middle East Indie Jukebox November 25, 2015 joins the show to present some of the best indie recording artists from across the middle east.

This week,

You Got a Fire_Nadine Khouri 4:10

Djin_Mashrou' Leila 3:16  

Low_Jay Wud 3:37

Deja Vu_Point Of View 4:49

Fight For Your Queen_Carl and the Reda Mafia 4:18

Home_Muhaisnah Four 4:18   

THE WEATHERMAN_David Beats Goliath 3:20


Talking to Dubai Youth Call in November 25, 2015

Four Dubai high school students talking about the expat experience from the youth perspective.

Joining the show are, 

Chris Rahm

Jared Pereira

Haeley Lu

Manny Quereshi


What we set out to speak about.

1. "Independence" : How at times we feel we have to rely on our parents excessively because of the driving age limit, lack of public transportation, minimal student job opportunities, etc.

2. "School Life" : We realized that Middle Eastern schools are all relatively new compared to other schools around the world, which means that the facilities are amazing (3D printers for students, planetariums, etc.). Also, most people attend public schools in their home countries, so it may be a good experience to go to private schools here.

3. "Culture pt. 1" : A lot of people ask us expats about how difficult it was to transition into Middle Eastern culture, but in fact Dubai is so globalized that the transition is never as hard as it seems.

4. "Culture pt. 2" : We thought it would be nice to end on a happy note, where we qualify our previous discussion about culture by talking about how if you really set your mind to it (and enter what we call the "tourist mode") it is easy to immerse yourself in traditional culture. Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi have made their heritage sites extremely accessible and foreigner-friendly, which we all appreciate greatly.

GETFITRADIO November 25, 2015

Time to talk fitness with Marcus Smith from


Here are the notes from the show.

What is new Marcus?

The schedule is broken as taxi dad is driving to EAFL! Swimming 2X running 2X bit of this and that in between.

2 messages!

See we answer the messages! Get involved.

James, you and Marcus inspired me 4 weeks ago, I got back in the gym with a Trainer, lost 5kgs and totally pumped. Thank you. Greg

What is the easy and fast way to reduce your belly.
Pl advice the suitable exercise or equipments required to do so. Because I don't have time and I am always driving at least 300km daily so I don't get enough time to some regular workouts


-How can I deal with cramps while exercising and what are they telling me

-trigger point therapy a gimmick or for real?

-how much weight is it safe to lose in a month and how can I keep it off

-what is today’s workout?
-what are you eating today?
-weight belts should we wear them in the gym for lower back support

-worst advice you ever got from a personal trainer?
-stress makes us fat and that is a great reason to exercise
When your brain detects the presence of a threat, no matter if it is a bad grade on a test, a big credit card bill you can’t pay, or a huge grizzly bear running at you:
1. You get a burst of adrenaline, which taps into your stored energy so you can fight or flee.
2. At the same time, you get a surge of cortisol, which tells your body to replenish that energy.
In the short run, adrenaline makes you feel less hungry as your blood flows away from the internal organs and to your larger muscles to prepare for the fight or flee scenario. However, once the effects of adrenaline become weaker, cortisol, which is known as the “stress hormone,” lingers and signals your body to replenish your food supply!
Our ancestors used to actually fight off wild animals and had to run away from predators which used up a bunch of energy. But now…we stress out over emails and mean social media comments while sitting at our desk.
So…this can make you hungry…very hungry as your body keeps on producing more cortisol, which increases stress and well, it turns into a bad cycle if you don’t put an end to it.
University of Pennsylvania actually conducted a research study that showed that in times of stress, you are scientifically proven to reach for fatty foods not healthy food! It’s not just in your head. Get this…
Lab rats that were “stressed” by exposure to the scent of a predator lead the mice to eat more high-fat food pellets, when given the choice of eating these instead of normal pellets.

-thoughts on TRX?

YouthConnect Call in November 24, 2015

Expo2020 in Dubai brought together youth via YouthConnect to help start the thinking process on how youth can make a meaningful contribution before, during and after EXPO2020 in Dubai.

We brought together some participants to talk about engaging youth today.

The participants on the show were,

-Ahmed Abugosh, Founding Partner, Astrolabs
-Helen Sell, Founder, Customer at Heart
-Fatema Mahmoud al Khateeb, YouthConnect participant


TechTalk November 23, 2015

Andrew thomas from joins me to talk tech and this week we were app heavy!


Here are the show notes.

Nov 24

APPs to make you a better boss!


Your schedule is always tight, so make sure you don't get double-booked. Planner(Android, iOS) is based on the tried-and-true Franklin Covey paper planners from years past, but in electronic form, with events, tasks, notes, and more at your disposal. You can add multiday events for big planning sessions, and your tasks can have their own subtasks. Adding notes is a snap as well, and notes can be viewed by day or by month in the free version.


You may be the boss, but you still like to get your hands dirty. Try KanbanFlow (Web) to keep track of what everybody's working on—including you! Visualize all your company's projects on a streamlined dashboard, with status updates appearing in real time. You can subdivide projects into smaller chunks to pluck off one at a time, and leverage Pomodoro time tracking and document uploads as you build your empire.


Festify (Mac, Windows) makes workday Spotify playlists democratic. People can suggest a song for other people to vote on, with the highest-rated ones getting played.


Odoo (Web) is an open-source, one-stop shop for your business. Host community forums, handle accounting, manage timesheets, use CRM and sales tools, and handle human resources all in one easy-to-use package. If you sell physical products, you can use Odoo to manage your inventory as well, including e-commerce and point-of-sale features. Round things out in the marketing department with Odoo's website builder, email blasts, and a slew of other features. You've got a lot going on, and this is a nice tool for keeping it all under one roof.


Try UberConference (Android, iOS, Web) for dead-simple yet powerful conference calls. The free version lets you include up to 10 participants on each call, including screen sharing, high-quality audio, and call recording. Conferences can be accessed via mobile apps or the web with no limit on the number of conferences you can host.


Google Slides (Android, iOS, Web) is easy to use, free, and lets you collaborate with others at the same time. While you're online, your presentations are saved to the cloud with each change you make, but Slides also works in offline mode. You can import, edit, and save PowerPoint presentations as well.

Leaked Apple Support APP


Black Friday APP Bundle
Apple STORE Experience

5 iPad drawing apps now we have the pencil!

Google Allows APP testing without downloading! APP Streaming!

Google 360 degree tour of Burj Al Arab teamed with Google

Dubai’s 1st virtual reality game lounge! Auroura Game Lounge, this is over the top!\

new neo geo is now hand held!

What do Millenials want?
Mobile video viewing has seen double-digit growth this year, up 55 percent on smartphones and 48 percent on tablets. Even with somesticking points including smaller screen sizes, limited battery life, and the cost of data, millennials are once again leading the pack when it comes to mobile video. In fact, 95 percent of these younger viewers watch video on their mobile devices at least once a week. And these fast-changing viewing habits spell big shifts for marketers.
So what's really at play in mobile video, and how can brands connect the dots? The stakes have never been higher, and viewers want morefrom the experience. In this new landscape, marketers want to know how to adapt their strategies. It starts with putting the user first. First of all, shorter ads win.

YOUTUBE adds some new ideas!

holiday shopping season on the horizon, YouTube is rolling out two products designed to help retailers. After testing a pair of shopping-based products with a few select companies, YouTube is making TrueView andshopping ads available to all retailers using Google AdWords.
TrueView campaigns consist of interactive video ads that allow users to clickthrough to online retailers' pages and add items to their shopping carts, while shopping ads pair retailers with relevant product review videos. YouTube says its TrueView campaigns work—internal analysis found that 57 percent of campaigns saw a lift in consideration, 24 percent saw a lift in favorability, and 35 percent of campaigns saw a lift in purchase intent.

Microsoft Spending on Security

Microsoft's spending on security research and development is on par with Symantec and highlights how the company has the potential to poach additional wallet share.
In a blog post highlighting Microsoft's security plans, the software giant said that it spends more than $1 billion a year on security research and development. To put that in context, that sum represents a bit more than 1 percent of Microsoft's annual sales and about 8.33 percent of what the company spent on research and development in fiscal 2015. Microsoft spends about 13 percent of its annual sales on R&D.


won't shock you to hear that Android apps send a lot of data, but you may be surprised at how much of it isn't really necessary... or public, for that matter. MIT researchers havedetermined that "much" of the hidden data sent and received by the 500 most popular Android apps isn't necessary to the functionality. For example, a Walmart app talks to eBay whenever you scan a barcode -- there's no practical difference when you sever that connection. Out of the 47 apps that MIT modified to prove its case, 30 were virtually indistinguishable from the official versions. The rest only had minor issues, like missing ads

This doesn't mean that the data itself is suspicious, or that the issue is Android-specific. Half of it boils down to analytical data like crash and performance reports, which are present on iOS and other platforms. Some of it may simply help the app run more effectively, such as fetching content so that the app keeps working if you're knocked offline. The concern is more that these titles don't say what they're doing with these communications. While the activity is likely to be innocuous, there's a concern that a less-than-careful app developer could put your info at risk without a good reason.


You have to love SONY!
PS4 Backwards compatible!

Sony appears to have introduced PS2 backwards compatibility to the PS4 console, without feeling the need to actually tell anyone.
It had already been announced that Sony would be releasing a small range of classic titles from its PS1 and PS2 consoles to mark the release of Star Wars Battlefront -- Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars: Racer Revenge andStar Wars: Bounty Hunter from the PS2 era, and the SNES game Super Star Wars -- but it had been assumed that those games would be ports or standalone games, rather than the originals running via an emulator.
But publications with early access to the games noticed something unexpected when booting the titles up -- the games actually run on software versions of the old console. (The difference is that instead of hand-coding old games to work on PS4, it would be conceivable that any PS2 game could be made to run on the new machine.)
Eurogamer reports that when launching the games, players are informed by a system prompt that the game's controls are mapped differently to the Dual Shock 4 gamepad. The start/select buttons are mapped to the touchpad, and there is an emulated version of the PS2 memory card. The PlayStation 2 logo appears when you boot the game and though 3D graphics are given a resolution boost to1292x896 pixels, the old 2D artwork is simply upscaled.
Google and Express Delivery!

We need this!
With the expansion of the service, customers across Southern California will have the option to sign up for a $95 annual membership, or pay a fee of $4.99 per eligible order to use the service.
Once registered, customers can browse products from different retailers through the Google Express portal and have those products delivered overnight. Residents in West Los Angeles can have certain items delivered the same day.
Retailers participating in Google Express include Target, Walgreens, Kohl's and Costco.
The service is currently available in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Manhattan and parts of the Midwest. Google is contracting with local and national courier companies to fulfill orders.
SNAPCHAT and DISCOVER is so cool!
Sweet features articles and videos about a new handbag line, bath salts, furniture, design and music. Video ads for L’Oreal makeup are interspersed.
Snapchat and Sweet are coy about Sweet's origins. Women’s Wear Daily reported last week that Sweet is a creation of Hearst Corp.
On Tuesday, Hearst executives offered more details in prepared statements and said that the "completely new brand" was being run by Luke Crisell.
"Every day, Sweet unearths the best things in culture, experience and stuff," said Troy Young, president of Hearst Magazines Digital Media. "It’s global in purview, it’s optimistic, it’s super discriminating and, uniquely, transcends gender."


Things in wearable land not looking so good for JawBone

Jawbone, maker of the Up family of wrist-worn fitness trackers and the Jambox line of wireless speakers, is cutting about 15 percent of its staff, its latest round of layoffs this year.
As part of the reorganization, which involves about 60 positions, the San Francisco-based company will shutter its New York office and shrink its Bay Area locations. The move also affects offices in other countries.
"We are sad to see colleagues go, but we know that these changes, while difficult for those impacted, will set us up for even greater success," the company said in a statement.
Jawbone also laid off workers in June, with, according to The Information, about 20 positions affected.
The company, which recently refreshed its Up2 fitness tracker while adding sleep tracking to all its current models, is facing heavy competition in the wearable market from devices such as the Fitbit, the Microsoft Band and the Apple Watch. Jawbone last month won an injunction against Fitbit, in which a San Francisco judge ordered the competitor to return confidential information brought over by five of Jawbone's former employees.
This latest round of layoffs was first reported by TechCrunch.

Adele not going to release her album on streaming services like iTunes

Square Mobile Payment going with an IPO Wednesday
Mobile payments company Square Inc. is set to price shares for its initial public offering late Wednesday in what is expected to be a harbinger for how other highly valued tech companies are received in their public debuts.
San Francisco-based Square, run by Twitter Inc Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, is one of the most prominent “unicorns,” or private companies valued at $1-billion (U.S.) or more, to plan a public debut this year.
This month it sent chills through the technology industry when it set the price range for its IPO at $11 to $13 a share, valuing Square at up to $4.2-billion, or 30 per cent less than in a private fundraising round a year ago.