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The Trash Call-in October 7, 2015

Trash is a huge issue all over the world and in the UAE the issue is being spoken about with greater intensity.

Recently Abu Dhabi began to ponder the use of a trash fee to help push people towards recycling and less waste!


Here is the Sweden Example Caller.

What we saw on the SMS.

hi James, i think we should first start fining people for dumping their garbage bags on the floor in the garbage rooms rather than putting them down thegarbage chute...their laziness disgusts me more than the garbage itself...don't get me started on this...rami

Have a recycling center were the trash can be used as fuel or for dirhams  coach ike

A large part of trash is water bottles and disposable food packaging. People should be encouraged to use reusable utencils. Adil 

James, i don't think they are looking at the bigger picture..the eg sighted by the Swedish lady about how toothpaste gets sold there. .What about the measures to ensure packaging is minimized and in turn waste is reduced at the root itself...what about the standards for the corporates manufacturing fmcg products..?

Here are the links to some of the research we used for the show.

Waste fee?

Authorities in Abu Dhabi are studying a proposal to charge residents for collection of waste by mid-2016 as part of its strategic plan to encourage recycling in the emirate.

The pay-as-you-throw scheme charges residents for the collection of waste

The proposal to charge residents for the management of waste was revealed yesterday at the 6th Annual Waste Management Middle East Forum, where officials from Dubai Municipality also announced that they intend to charge waste management companies by the beginning of 2016.
“To reduce the quantity of waste going to landfills, we need to set new regulations and force people to sort their waste at source. And we expect it to happen very soon,” said Emad Mohammad, head of technical support and studies section, Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality.
Waste management companies are currently charged Dh10 per vehicle to dispose of their waste at municipal landfills and other designated sites. With the new proposal in place, private companies will have to pay by the tonne instead, “but the final cost has not been decided yet”, Mohammad said.
Naji Al Radhi, head of head of waste treatment centre at Dubai Municipality, explained that the proposal will only be applicable to the commercial sector, and will be charged as a gate fee.
“With residents, we have an ambitious plan to reduce household waste down to 900 grams by 2021 and this target will be achieved by raising the number of recycling centres in communities, and carrying out a number of strategies to shift the culture towards a sustainable one,” he said.

2011 for commercial waste


Government’s statistics show that 13 million tonnes of waste were collected in Abu Dhabi in 2012, up from 9.6 million tonnes in 2009. Dubai, in comparison, has reduced from 21.8 million tonnes collected in 2009 to 9.6 million tonnes in 2012.

Food waste, however, accounts for 55 per cent of all of Dubai waste, and each Ramadan the emirate disposes of 1,850 tonnes of food, which works out to almost a kilogram for each resident.
Dubai Municipality estimates the city recycles 25 per cent of its refuse, but it aims to increase this to 75 per cent by 2021. Public-private partnerships will play a crucial role in meeting this aim.

no charge yet in dubai?
change the waste environment

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