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TechTalk September 28, 2015

Every week I wander into and and have a chat about some of the cool technology and tech news out there. This week Jatin and I had a great chat and Omar Kassim of JadoPado also had a sit down with us.

The Podcast!

Here is what we set out to speak about, our show notes!


Samsung Galaxy Note 5

du 2799dhs

In one word “Sweet”

-look I love the notes and have been rocking a Note 2 forever!
-The Note5 is elegant in its form factor with a beautiful polished case.
-Surprisingly chunkier than the Note2 but it has presence that as I said is elegant, nice lines

SPen- this is the Note feature that is still the game changer. Now there the Spen is spring loaded and there is an audio and vibration cue when it is activated.

Running 5.1.1

Love the little things like the way the screen goes to black when you power down, moving to black from left to right!

The screen image is absolutely crystal clear!

Wireless charging! 2 hours to full charge

5.7 inch screen

Video stabalizer

Livestream capability to Youtube

4K UHD video!

  • No microSD card slot
  • No removable battery
Local storage, the other type of memory, is more of an issue for power users, with 32GB and 64GB configurations.

Seems to last a good day on the battery, others who tested the phone found the same.


I like it but am going to wait for the expandable memory!


  • The Bublcam. The world's first spherical camera. Capable of capturing the world around you in spherical photos and videos with absolutely no blind spots.


Do we need the new iPhones?

Why iOS9!

And not too long ago the darling of corporate and secure messaging was Blackberry and today there is a very new story… and what? Android and Blackberry are in kahoots?

Blackberry embraces android?
Microsoft office 2016 this is cool!

-collaboration is the key!


Here's the thing, though: Even if Office 2016 is a bit of a disappointment if you judge it as a great big major software upgrade with an emphasis on teamwork, Office is in the best overall shape it's been in for many years. It's the only product in its category that's available in just about any form you want to use it: on Windows PCs, on Macs, on every viable mobile operating system, and on the web. The versions aren't all identical, but the interface makes sense across all the editions and every incarnation is solid in its own right.

Part 3

Interview with Omar at JadoPado

AMIE is a 3D-Printed Building That Can Either be Powered by the Sun or a Car

Forget Water Bottles, Ooho is an Edible Water Droplet That Fits in Your Palm
Do we need VR? Samsung thinks so!
Snapchat discovery do you use it?
Finally this guys has a cool job! and is cool!
This week's guest is Matt Navarra, social media director at The Next Web (TNW), who explains what skills are needed to keep up with the fast-moving chatter on social and to find great stories.
What would you focus on if you were training to work in digital media today?
  • Understand what the current trends in digital journalism are and what challenges it is facing.
  • Identify the predicted industry developments in an effort to keep up.
  • Build a great network of digital/social media contacts on Twitter by using lists.
  • Engage in online discussions with well-known influencers in the industry.
What skills do you think are important to your role?

Multi-tasking and working at speed – scanning TweetDeck, checking social media monitoring tools, and keeping up with email as well as conversations with your editorial team is no simple task when it gets busy.

Research and data analytics – spotting a random Facebook post or curious tweet that sparks your curiosity often leads you into a quick bit of ad-hoc research to investigate if there is a story to be told. Knowing where to look and what tools to use to search for key information is crucial when navigating the maze of social media for news.

Copywriting and social intuition – one of the hardest skills to learn is how to write a must-read headline for a tweet, Facebook post or similar. It requires you to know what your readership loves, and how they like content introduced.

You also need a bit of a ‘social sixth-sense’. Sometimes you just know when a quirky off-beat story is going to blow up and go viral, leading you to jump on it fast and drive up traffic and engagement for your publication.

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