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GetFitRadio October 13, 2015

Marcus Smith from joins the Nightline program to talk fitness.

The Podcast.

Here is what we spoke about.


Fitness tracking. Reinvented with style.

Fitness trackers never looked so good. On the outside UP2™ is the thinnest, sleekest, most style-savvy tracker out there. On the inside, Smart Coach generates fitness insights and activity plans that make reaching your goals that much easier. And with 10 days of battery life you'll be charging less, and living better.


UP2™ is splash-resistant, so no need to worry about rain, sweat from a hard workout or getting wet in the shower. Just don't submerge it.

New look new clip system was just a wrap around.

1.  the Burpee, why? What is so good about it?
2. muscles feel like they are burning doing bench press is that good?
3. how long do I need to work out per session to do myself any good?
-Cheat meals!
4. why are energy drinks not good for us?

Rowing Guy!

gold rush on youtube

-thoughts on missed workout shaming


-morning rituals

-airline food!

Marcus there are a lot of apps out there now that all claim to solve your fitness motivation issues maybe all your fitness challenges, do you buy into it?

Solution: Sworkit (free)

Just try to say “Sworkit” without singing this song. We dare you. But, really, this workout app is pretty genius. Totally customizable, this health app has a growing library of more than 170 exercises (with verbal instructions and cues, as well as video demonstrations by real personal trainers) that can be combined into an endless variety of workouts. Routines range from five to 60-plus minutes and don’t require a gym. Create your own workout or choose from one of theirs!

Solution: One Song Workout (free)

Starting a workout is always the hardest part. But when your workout consists of just one song — and one awesome song of your choosing — it’s much easier to get motivated to do it. Which is exactly what this health app does. You can choose any song from your iTunes library and it will automatically create a workout routine for that song. It’s kind of like this workout, except you choose the tunes. Fun!

Solution: WOSPORT (free)

With different kinds of workouts for different goals, ages, genders and desired intensities — we’re talking 180 circuits to choose from — this app is kind of like having a personal trainer in your pocket. You can even brush up on your fitness basics in the app with fun facts, tips, quotes and vocabulary related to health at the end of each session. Oh, and once you’re done with your workout, you can easily share what you did on your social networks. Hey, it’s not bragging; it’s celebrating!

-Protein supplements are they for everyone? (we speak about this a lot)
-Diet is important what does your menu look like today?


p4  (sms)Sandbags for a workout, you mentioned these last week?

-(sms) Marcus I was told that resistance bands are a good thing can you talk about them please

-(sms) is there a best time to workout you were talking endorphins last week

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