Thursday, October 01, 2015

DocTalk September 29, 2015

Once a week the doctors roll into the studio and we have a good long chat about you and your health.

This may be the best medical Q&A in the region!

Here are the details about the doctors.

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

This week we had a list of issues to speak about.

What is shaking in the office!

cold colds colds
flu vaccine

  1. athlete's foot what is it and can it be cured forever do over the counter fungal agents work
  2. arthritis what causes it and can it be treated effectively
  3. memory loss people talking about it is it an age thing?
  4. asa should we be taking it to help prevent heart disease
  5. when do men need a prostate exam
  6. do we need a colon exam after a certain age
  7. lots of acid reflux being spoken about anything we should be doing and is medication a good thing or does it just mask the issues
  8. dehydration signs
  9. question about vitamin D shots should we be getting shots for other vitamin deficiencies also?

The Podcast.

And of course there were several questions from the SMS line, we take calls off air during the breaks!

hi doctor,my 5 years old girl cant control urination especialy while laughing,she wets her pants almost evryday.needs your advice.thanx

Dr. James. my 4 months baby becomes tardy and drossy after taking Pedia vit. Is that the reaction. What do I do.


My thyroid has some swelling, 1.8cm. Need to worry? 

No matter how much sleep I get I always wake up tired. What could cause this and what should I do about it. 

9No matter how much sleep I get I always wake up tired. What could cause this and what should I do about it. 

After topping up vitamin D with an hour in the sun, how long will that dose last before needing another spell in the sun? 

Can use of prednisone regularly effect thyroid?

Good evening guys! Doc you sound different today:-). Why blokes like me sweat profusely even when not doing much, especially on face? Embarrassing stuff! How I can treat this? Thanks!

Sometimes when I do a sudden workout like going up a flight of stairs my heart starts pumping really hard that I can hear it in my ears.

Thank you! Using regularly to fight nasal polyps but avoiding due to temperament changes and other side effects! Also using antihistamines and always exhausted!!

Thx all, appreciated!

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